Phonak tv connector help, p90 does not transmit sound to tv and p90 at the same time

I have a phonak TV connector with optical connection to the TV (42lb562 model) sound output, I choose optical, it sends sound to the P90 but it does not send sound to the TV at the same time, I need help, how can I send sound to both at the same time?

The way I do it is optic out to a two-way optic splitter. Then one optic cable goes to the hearing transmitter and the other to a soundbar.

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Thank you, I was just looking at these. I really need to buy an optical multiplexer. Is it true?

These new TVs for some reason lack 3.5 standard analog stereo (headphones) outputs (that can be split endlessly), making you jump through all these hoops, sadly.

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Can you verify that model number?
Some tv’s can’t output to both at the same time or some tv’s will mute all sound when the sound is muted.
So if you don’t have the optical connected and you don’t have it muted, do the tv speakers output sound?
There might be a setting to output to both. LG Sound Sync looks good but I don’t know what the other options are as I don’t know that language.
Do you have a “set top box” (STB) or are you using an antenna for over the air signals? If an STB then that box might have an optical out. You might get slight echo/lag though.

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When I chose the second one, the LG TV software sends optical and arm sound, so I connected the optical and TV connector, and additionally I connected a sound bar to the arm, and it sent sound to both. I found another way. If we buy an optical Toslink multiplexer and connect one to the input on the TV, the other to the sound box, and the other to the TV connector, this is a solution.
Phonak TV Connector does not send directly to the TV and hearing aid. It is a big disappointment. If the TV’s software does not allow this, there is a need for additional costs. As you said, some TVs have an additional option in the sound output menu in the sound settings.
1 audio output bt+ tv speakers
2 optical + TV speakers
If it is not written, we need additional expenses

There was a time when TVs would output to optical regardless of the settings. That applied to my old Samsung (circa 1996). Whatever output I selected in settings, there was a signal to optical regardless. You might give it a go if you haven’t already.

I am writing about the Phonak TV Connector because I believe it will be useful for both users and practitioners in the group to find an easy solution when selling. These are my own comments that I got from https:/forum.hearingtracker.comm or different sources. If anyone has a different opinion, let’s help others.

  1. Purchasing a Phonak TV connector alone will not send sound to both the TV and the hearing aid at the same time. Your TV must support this in the Sound Output settings in the sound settings.
  • optical
  • tv speakers
  • arc hdmi
  • headset
    If you can select them one by one, chances are you won’t be able to hear sound from both the device and the TV speakers.
    with TV speakers
  • bluethous with tv speakers
  • Optical connection with TV speaker
  • If it comes out optical with arc hdmi (mine has this, I will buy a sound box and solve it this way)
    Sends sound simultaneously to what is written together

If the TV does not allow a double selection in the sound output, if there is no sound + expression on the TV speakers, I think there is no solution other than getting a sound system (optical and HDMI ARC supported).
The auto 3.5 jack supports the TV connector, but you cannot get sound, so I am writing the most logical way in my opinion.
buying an optical multiplexer or arc hdmi multiplexer

Optical amplifier 1 input is plugged into the optical TV, 2 outputs are optical, the 1st output is connected to the sound bar (must be optical supported) and the 2 outputs are connected to the TV connector, it sends sound to both the sound bar and the TV connector.
There are other logics as well. My request from the implementers is to inform them before selling so that the users can see that the TV’s software supports it.