Phonak TV Connector for 2 people

Happy to report that I purchased the Phonak TV connector version 2. Was concerned about being able to connect hearing aids with the connector but not disrupt the sound from my Vizio soundbar. After advice from this forum, I used the optical out port on my tv to connect to the device and the HDMI eArc port to connect to the soundbar. This has worked very well. Pairing was simple, and the sound coming into my hearing aids is much better than I expected. It’s really great. Dialogue clearer, and version 2 gives me Dolby capabilities that produce very nice surround sound experience.
Now my question: my wife is considering new hearing aids and I’d like her to go with the Phonak Lumity 90 whcih I have. I know that both of us could then connect to the TV connector at the same time. My question is, is there a way that one of us could turn off the tv connector to their aids if they chose to do so, without turning off the tv connector itself?

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@barbshop Is it not as easy as going in the myPhonak app on your mobilephone and quit the streaming/ change the programm for the one who does not want to listen anymore?

Wow. Didn’t think about that. I hope it is that easy. Let’s say she did that. If she went back to the automatic program, wouldn’t that just send her back to streaming again? I guess she could pick one of the alternate programs. Now if the My Phonak app had a way to allow you to remotely turn on and off the TV Connector without having to get up and go to the actual device that would be great.

@barbshop I maybe misunderstood your next question but if you choose for the automatic it will not go back in the TV- streaming. You will actively have to change back to TV- streaming if you disconnected.

Another possibility is to let not automatically connect your HA to the TV connector. But I forgot if you have to set this up in the fitiing software (as DIY) or ask your audi. Maybe the solution is written in the manual of your TV- streamer.

You can have the HAs programmed not to go to the connector automatically in Target.

If you don’t do that, you can change program (either by buttons or the app) and that will work as long as you stay in range, or if you leave stay out of range. If you leave and then come back, you’ll be connected again. (Same for both v2 and v1a connectors and the roger on mic.)


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@WhiteHat @barbshop
Thanks WhiteHat for adding. Did not know for sure anymore but indeed may have seen it in the Target then.
Edit: Screenshot added for automatic or manual TV connector activation

Apps, Apps, Apps? Doesn’t anyone use buttons anymore?

We have our Oticon HA buttons at the (default setup) for switching programs with a long button press (one-second = one-thousand-one if you say it). So either of us can Start, or Stop, streaming with the push of a button on either hearing aid. Tip: click image below to enlarge.

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@pvc Maybe true for the Oticons. The OP seems to use Phonak I think.

So maybe it will work with the tap control if the Paradise P90…

My aids connect automatically, my wife’s manually. We tried it both automatically, with she disconnecting when she didn’t want to listen. But she prefers opting-in to opting-out.

Groan :wink: Yep, I know and I must admit that I have no experience using Phonak Streaming. However;

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Thank you for your additional clearer explanation @pvc. Beautiful pictures, I will see that I next time get these arrows into my screenprints also :wink:

I use IrfanView for the arrows. It takes a while to get used to the syntax and sequence.

Though I have seen that some Phonak wearers use several different programs. Button press works best (with our Oticons) when you have only one main program. Then just;

  • one long button press to start streaming
  • one long button press to stop streaming
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