Phonak Titanium ActiveVent SlimTip custom molds - cost?

I recently bought a ActiveVent Starter Kit off eBay ($150). I’ll see how that goes. If they are an improvement over my Power Domes and I can tolerate the reported clicking does anyone know what the cost of titanium SlimTips might cost to have made (in the USA)? I assume I would have to pay both for the molds themselves and a fee to a local audiologist to measure and fit them - assuming I can find an audiologist willing to do that.

I can’t speak to costs. But a fee for the scans/impressions taken would be reasonable. When the molds come, there really isn’t any fitting per se. You remove the silicon tip, and put on the titanium one. They went into my ears perfectly. Phonak has a youtube video on doing this. The only complication they present you don’t have in real life is the mold came with the slimtip link av already installed, whereas the video shows them installing one and cutting off the end. This confused my audiologist tech as she thought they would have to remake my mold if the link came out. I now have a small supply of the links.

Phonak video