Phonak Target Update

My take on the remote fitting update is that Phonak has provided for an audi with a remote support account to use ‘Audiogram Direct’ over the wire. As wonderful as it would be, I don’t think the functionality will be available to us DIY folks.

I did take a look at Target today looking for that update you mentioned. It was not there, Target was up to date. I wonder if the remote Audiogram Direct fitting was the update you loaded.

I did take a look around target trying to find any changes based on the remote fitting update. Did not find anything.

Here’s a link that explains things much better than I did!


If I buy a Target CD on Ebay can I upgrade the version on line?

Yes you can.
If you look for the software thread about sharing you could get it from a member. The DIY forum is full of information.

Anything lower then Target 5, you won’t be able to update to the latest, 6… from the update section.

Is it just me, or they removed Icube 1 from fitting devices in latest update (6.2.8)?

I had to reinstall old 5.4.2 version to be able to select Icube 1 as my fitting device…

Yep, that’s right, just upgrade to icube ll and you’ll be good to go for the newer target update (if you really need it) 6.0 or 6.1 should be fine for icube.
What model of HA do you have?

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thanks, but i have absolutely no intention of buying icube II since i have perfectly fine icube I…
i would never update if i had any idea about cube I removal, that’s ridiculous, honestly!
i’m using Naidas Q90 UP.
do you have 6.0 or 6.1 installation file by any case?

Just remember tho, that icube has a bug that can brick your HA, which the icube ll doesn’t have.
As a side note, if you use your icube by USB , you won’t run the risk of bricking/corruption issues.

thanks for warning, I wasn’t aware of that bug…
so, I’m safe if I’m connecting icube over USB cable?

I am not aware of any iCube Bug either. Is that a rumor? Reference please?

Why upgrade to iCube II when it’s going obsolete too?

Yes seems to be, but I still think you should get the icube ll, eliminate any future problems and be able to use the latest software/ plus it you wanted to upgrade your Q90 to Venture or Belong platform, as icube can’t be used on them.

Now there’s the rub. For the Belong platform the iCube II is not supported on the one new model in the B-Belong platform. That one new model is the the Audéo B-Direct (which has the new SWORD chip).

iCube II is only supported on the other older models which went unchanged from the previous platform (except for minor case mods/software mods).

So in a sense, because other Belong models are the same as Venture models, there is no iCube II support after V-Venture.

Most Belong aids do program with the ICube II programmer. The Directs do not though but they do program with the Noahlink Wireless I believe.

The HiPro (any of them) is still the choice to buy. It covers so many more aids.
From there buy the Noahlink Wireless.

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Don’t worry, the icube ll is supported by both the Venture and Belong platform, except that one B-direct model, since you use the Naída SP and UP from phonak you’re good to go for a icube ll on both those platforms.
Check out eBay, I’ve seen them for as little as $90.

Good luck.

Yes, Venture and Belong (except Belong Direct) can be programmed using iCube II. I never said they couldn’t. What I am trying to show is the evidence pointing to iCube II going obsolete. The evidence is plain to see if you look closely.

Do we agree that Venture and Belong (except Belong Direct) are the same hardware? If not, here’s a feature comparison of of Phonak Audéo V90/Brio2 <-VS-> Phonak Audéo B90/Brio3.

Hopefully we are now in agreement that Venture and Belong (except Belong Direct) are the same hardware. If they are the same hardware guess what that evidence means? It means that no new Phonak hearing aids in the last two platforms (Belong and Marvel) have support for iCube II.

Please let that sink in before you jump in to refute it. Now then, if no new Phonak hearing aids are supporting iCube II then it must be going obsolete, right? So why upgrade from one obsolete hearing aid programming device (iCube) to another going-obsolete hearing aid programming device (iCube II)?

This statement is incorrect.

I agree with this statement.

I think maybe we are quibbling over semantics. I maintain that the Belong models (other than Belong Direct) are the same hardware as the previous Venture models. But if I look at it from your viewpoint, they are different because they have different names, and they have slight cosmetic case mods, and the software was modified to provide SoundRecover2 improvement over SoundRecover.

So I am happy to leave it at that. It all depends on how you define a new hearing aid or a new hearing aid platform.

Oh wait; When we buy used hearing aids on EBay should we pay more for Belong models than we pay for Venture models?

No one said you did.

Who said it wasn’t? But who cares, it’s still available and works perfectly for the Platforms intended.

Belong platform supports icube ll, but the Marvel and Paradise don’t.
The last 2 platforms from phonak are Marvel and Paradise.
Please let that sink in before you jump in to refute it!

You didn’t read the OPs post, he didn’t even want to upgrade to a icube ll, but… with a icube ll he will be able to program both the Venture and Belong platforms if he decides to upgrade, plus program the Quest Q90 he has right now, so it makes sense, the cost of both the Marvel and Paradise Platforms are still very expensive for most people.