Phonak Target help

Looking for Phonak target software, I have 4.0 but will not connect to the internet for updates. Any one have links for 5.2 to 6.x for downloads ?


I saw 5.2 on the PirateBay the other day. I would expect the same cautions apply that apply to all of the other software downloaded from there.

I am new to hearing aids and also looking for link to Phonak Target software 6.

Thank you

Thank you for those whom replied to me, a great help.

I have one more question, when updating target to 6.2.8 I loose the ICube facility (just keeps the ICube2).

What is the newest version that still keeps the I Cube not just the ICube2?

Thank you in advance.

I think it’s 5.2 but don’t count me on it!

I was wrong!

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Seems I remember @pvc helping someone with an older version of Target.

For what it’s worth, the HiPro still works on these older aids with the latest Target software.

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Is Phonak still providing Target upgrades for older models of HA’s?
I am using Target 6.1 because I only have the original iCube but I wonder if I upgrade to Target 7 (and get an iCube II) will there be any upgrades for my Audeo Q’s. Any have any knowledge on this?

Nope, all done and dusted on that old platform.
Best bet is to upgrade your HAs to Belong platform, not much point in going to the Venture (V90) as they basically the same as the Quest.

You should reference these words in the link below:
As an aside the iCube II is not supported on the one new model in the B-Belong platform. That obviously signals the end of support for iCube II.

There won’t be any updates to the Quest platform. They’ve stopped supporting the Quest platform.