Phonak Target help

Looking for Phonak target software, I have 4.0 but will not connect to the internet for updates. Any one have links for 5.2 to 6.x for downloads ?


I saw 5.2 on the PirateBay the other day. I would expect the same cautions apply that apply to all of the other software downloaded from there.

I am new to hearing aids and also looking for link to Phonak Target software 6.

Thank you

Thank you for those whom replied to me, a great help.

I have one more question, when updating target to 6.2.8 I loose the ICube facility (just keeps the ICube2).

What is the newest version that still keeps the I Cube not just the ICube2?

Thank you in advance.

I think it’s 5.2 but don’t count me on it!

I was wrong!

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Seems I remember @pvc helping someone with an older version of Target.

For what it’s worth, the HiPro still works on these older aids with the latest Target software.

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