Phonak Target changes when switching from open domes to closed or power domes

I have Phonak Audeo Paradise P90-RL hearing aids. I’m currently using open domes as I have a mild-to-moderate high frequency loss in both ears. However, when I get into noisy environments, I struggle to hear the conversation because the noisy environment bypasses the open domes. I would like to try closed or power domes, but not sure what changes I need to make in the Phonak Target software. Do I just need to chnage the domes from open to closed (or power depending on which ones I’m trying)? If I change the dome style, will the Phonak Target software make the other appropriate changes to compensate for the new style domes?

Any advise, suggestions, hints or tips are greatly appreciated!

I have attached a PDF of my latest audiogram.

Hearing Test - John Dean.pdf (52.8 KB)

Yes, That’s the general idea. Here’s an example where I separated right/left changes for demonstration purposed and then set (acoustic parameters) one side to power and the other to Open. You can view the difference. Also it would be helpful to see your audiogram. Also a dumb/quick test to see if you need to be more occluded is to stick your fingers in your ears. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Hi, great your doing a bit of DIY, yes you can just change the acoustics and target will refit to suit your hearing loss.
As for you noisy environments issue, this is pretty common for most people, sometimes adjustments with NoiseBlock can help as well.

Can you post your audiogram, as sometimes a custom made molds with the right size vent can be the best of both worlds.

I updated my post and attached my latest audiogram.

That’s not much of a hearing loss.

That’s not what my wife says! :grin:

Not that I have to justify why I have hearing aids, but…I can really tell a difference when I am wearing them. I also have dementia in my family and have heard that hearing loss can contribute to that. I also support assistive technology for people who have physical (vision, hearing, mobility) and cognitive challenges. Wearing hearing aids provides me with more of an understanding of the technology and what people with hearing challenges can experience with that technology.

They all say that! But yeah, not as much as I was thinking, see the speech banana, a bit of high frequencie loss can have an effect on “clarity” and background noise.

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I can’t find the post right now but there was a forum member who had very little loss like yours, but his word recognition score was terrible, no doubt yours was pretty good?

It’s not proven at all, I think some clinics use this as a “scare tactic” so a lot of debate around this.

I believe mine was ok. The person you mentioned may also have auditory processing disorder which can effect the ability to understand speech.

Yes absolutely ADHD is a known fact in some of these cases.

Closed domes will give you less leakage, so you should repeat the feedback test. Audiogram direct is also recommended to be repeated.

I purchased my hearing aids from an online vendor and they programmed them using my audiogram. They have been working great so far except in noisy environments.

I ran the feedback test using Phonak Target, but the resulting changes did not sound right to me, so I restored the original programming. I did not, however run the audiogram direct. I’ll look running both with my current open domes and then try the same with closed and power domes to see which works the best.

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in-situ audiometry is a pretty good way to try out the new settings, you should notice it’ll be close to your original audiogram as well, if not maybe those online settings are out a bit, as they wouldn’t have been able to run the feedback test anyway, Target’s AudiogramDirect and redoing feedback test, adjustments to NoiseBlock, different domes, all this should be a noticeable difference for you, should be interesting what the end result is.

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