Phonak target 7/8 download link?

I have Noahlink and I’m music mix engineer that want to help my mom hearing aids to get better fit.
Where can I download Phonak Target 7 or 8?
Thank you!

I’m also in need of the Target installer if anyone can help? Thanks

Welcome to the forum, don’t forget you’ll need the correct programming device as well for DIY projects.

I would really like to get a link to download the latest Phonak Target.
Many thanks!

Sure but don’t forget you’ll need the correct programming device as well for DIY
Check out the user guide as here.

Hi folks.

I am/was a studio sound engineer, mixer and musician. I just started using the Phonak hearing aids and I would really appreciate if someone could send me a download link as well.

If I can get the software, I will buy the Bluetooth interface hardware so I can use it. Its very frustrating not having access to the controls of my hearing aids.

Really would appreciate it.

Use Bluetooth Low Energy/BLE instead :wink:Noahlink Wireless – HIMSA

ETA: Also, most of the newer Phonak Hearing aids can use Noahlink Wireless as a hearing aid programming device. However, some older Phonak Hearing aids (or Custom styles built to fit inside your ears) cannot use Noahlink Wireless. You can read a DIY School document named (Choose Hardware-Programming Device for Phonak) to see a list of Phonak models that can use Noahlink Wireless.

Just click any PVC Avatar to find DIY School.

Hello to all. I want a link for downloading phonak target can anyone provide it? Thank you all in advance.

Hi there, sure but don’t forget you’ll need the correct programming device as well for your DIY projects. What models are you using?

Check out the target user guide as well, also don’t forget to go to DIY school ; )

Hello everyone. I’m looking for a target version for Audeo P90-RL. Would like to fine-tune my hearing aids. I will order Noahlink Wireless. Many thanks from Germany.

Check out this link to → How to read DIY School PDF files

Suggested DIY School help files;

  • 02 How to Program Your Hearing Aids
  • Choose Hardware-Programming Device for Phonak
  • Fitting Instructions Phonak Target
  • Noahlink Wireless - Instructions For Use

Hello everyone. I want to program a Bernafon Nevara 1. But it is not programmed with Oasis nxt. Does anyone can provide me a link for oasis for older hearing aids? Thanks in advance.

Here’s a link to → How to read DIY School PDF files.

Suggested DIY School help files;

  • 01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software
  • 02 How to Program Your Hearing Aids

You should find what you are seeking in (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software)

Hello pvc. Good day.
I read the pdf you indicated but as it seems the software for older models is unavailable.
Do you have a link of the software to share? Thanks in advance for your answer!

Wait a minute. I got confused because we are on a Phonak Thread. Hang on, and I will find Oasis (and not OasisNxt) for you.

Okay, we should be on the same page now. :wink:

Hi there, what models are you try to program?

I think @psofa is okay now.

Oh missed that, those are old enough for a HiPro or FittingLink.

someone to kind to send me a doanload link for target? Thanks