Phonak Target 7.3 software download

Hi there, great your giving DIY a go, it’s all pretty easy enough but do read the user guides as it’s very helpful for setting up the first time, and don’t forget you’ll need the Noahlink wireless programming device for any DIY projects.

Hello, is it possible that anybody can link me with the latest Phonak Target software for my Phonak Paradise Naida P-UP? Additionally, if somebody is experienced with it, is it possible to program my hearing aids to turn off microphone opposed to 90% reduction in noise in mute feature? Thanks a lot

Welcome to the forum, just do some research and read the user guides before jumping into DIY , it’s really not that hard and having the software in front of you helps get a feel for what’s possible within the software, you’ll have a demo mode that you can play around with before starting any project as well, another thing is you’ll need the Noahlink wireless programming device.