Phonak Spice

Thenew high end product that Phonak will launch on EUHA in October is called Spice…Roadshows in Germany starting Sepember 20, CEU Course on October 5th. I haven’t found any details yet. Can someone tell me more?

Heard something call Audeo S. Is this true?

Audiology Online’s CEU course for Spice mentions the Audeo S.

Here is a link to Spice on Phonak’s website. I couldn’t find this link on Phonak’s home page.

It looks like SPICE is the platform like CORE is the current platform, with 3 models identified as Audeo S III and V as well as Ambra.

I would love to know if they are suitable for severe/profound hearing loss. I have an appointment to see my Audie this coming Thursday with a view to replacing my micropowers. If I knew when they would be available in Australia I would wait to see what they are like.

So Ambra will e the new high-end instrument? has someone tech details?

so there is now a: audeo yes, audeo mini, audeo smart, audeo zip and a audeo s is coming???

Didn’t found another name?

They will apparently launch sometime in November 2010 in Australia. Any aid from Phonak fitted now will be able to be returned for credit until early December 2010, so you could still benefit from a new aids immediately and just change over when the new one come out. At least that is how I operate in my clinics.

nice… very nice

Well sounds as tho I will have to visit your Practice - not sure what my Audie will do. Will find out tomorrow. I definitely will wait for new ones - would be silly of me to buy something that will be updated/outdated in a matter of weeks.

I can’t find the course I mentioned above…where is it gone???

News: Audeo S(pice) is out and Ambra.

Can anyone figure out what the difference is between the old Audeo Smart IX and the new Audeo S Smart IX. I just read through the website and it looks like they have added Stereozoom and Autozonecontrol but its really difficult to see if these new models under the “Spice” banner are really new models or if they are just minor upgrades to existing models. The only other new thing that I can see if a simplified remote called the “PilotOne”. I was kinda hoping that they would do away with the neck wire on the iCom and bring out something truly new but it sorta doesn’t look like it.

Any comments??


Well, i see that they now have a SuperPower xReceiver option . Wow, i am going to look into this.

Me too - just printing out all the info and will discuss it with my Audie when I see her in 2 weeks time. She has arranged for me to trial Unitron Moda but already I have decided to wait and see if this model will be coming to Australia.

nothing new… this is the same as the micro power right?
the oticon power speaker do fit even more…

The apps as a way to describe features looks very cool.

I like the new fitting software, being able to compare previous audiograms

is a big plus…

I’ve been following Phonak for some time. The addition of a Super Power xReceiver is a change from the power and standard xReceiver only options, must be a recent change.
Anyway i am interested how the Phonak Spice chip stacks up to the Oticon Rise chip.

Phonak’s New chipset
We are delighted to introduce the next era
industry benchmark in microchip technology.
The new Phonak Spice Generation chipset is
the most advanced audio microprocessor ever:

Fastest processing speed – over 200 million
operations per second
Highest capacity - an unprecedented 16 million
Smallest size – 65 nanometer chip technology
Largest memory – more than double the
current standard
Best in class wireless technology – fastest, most
stable wireless connections
Unique broadband, wireless real-audio exchange –
still a Phonak exclusive

I was very dissapointed of the new Audeo S, just a new chip and some features like stereozoom and other binaural interactive tools like Oticon introduced with Agil. The “cool” feature is the FlexControl and FlexVolume which is a expansion of Soundflow. FlexVolume seems to be pretty nice, as you can use it not as linear volume, but as frequency specific volume…let’s see what the benefits are…AutoZoomControl tries to locate the person who speaks in a room, so it “scans” to find the voices source…i mean it’s paragonable to “my voice” in the Oticon instruments…by the way using the “App-hype” is a very clever marketing strategy…so yes nothing “really new”, except the chip…

Like Oticon Agil and the New Chili, there are refinements to the fitting ranges, Super Power discreet options. Very Important.