Phonak Smartlink/similar devices


Okay, I understand that this topic is a little out of date. Maybe some background would be helpful.

For many years I used a Phonak Smartlink very successfully…not only as a wireless microphone but as a means to establish Bluetooth connectivity to my cell phone.

About 6 or 7 years ago I received a Cochlear CI and played around with the telecoil setting, which I eventually abandoned. At the moment, I’m still using the CI in one ear and an old Phonak FM-equipped HA in the other ear. The Nucleus 5 CI processor is fitted with the adapter and an MLx FM receiver. So…I am set to receive an FM signal in both ears.

I no longer own the Smartlink transmitter. Should I search for a used Smartlink, a newer Phonak similar device, or some other FM device that can pair with a cell phone?

Any shared experience or suggestions would be deeply appreciated. Jim



I don’t have a CI but am profoundly deaf.

I used the Smartlink + for years but upgraded to the Phonak Roger System about a year ago and the sound quality is loads better and is super clear.

I bought my integrated receivers and Roger Pen on eBay for $267.00 and they all came with 2017 serial numbers.



Zebras, thank you! I understand that the Roger system provides better quality sound from the microphone. Does it also give you the option to connect to devices via Bluetooth?



Maybe I should broaden my question to generate more interest.

Does anyone know of ANY device, compatible with Phonak FM receivers, that incorporates a decent directional microphone and will connect to a cellphone by Bluetooth?



I’d talk to Phonak to be sure. I don’t think you can mix Bluetooth and FM. I think you could accomplish what you want though with a Compilot 2. It can communicate with your cellphone via bluetooth and with your hearing aid (and presumably CI) via NFC (I think) Again, I’d verify through Phonak before purchasing.



MDB, thank you…I really appreciate it.

Let’s put it this way. I’m a techie, both computer-wise and electronically. I’ve been experimenting with this evolving technology for 20 years or more. The way my hearing hardware exists at the moment, the only way I can deliver the same remote signal (live microphone or Bluetooth audio) to both sides of my head is through FM. Neither the CI nor Phonak Naidi HA is Bluetooth equipped, and telecoil performance on both devices is horrendous.

So I have Phonak FM receivers on both sides. Now how can I get remote mic/cellphone Bluetooth connectivity to those receivers? The Phonak Smartlink used to provide that service. However, they are no longer made and I haven’t found one on eBay that works.



Just did a brief search. A Roger pen can be used to receive bluetooth from a cellphone and transmit to a Roger FM receiver, so it seems like there’s hope. I didn’t think there was a way to go from bluetooth to FM, but apparently there is. I’d still want to check it out though before committing.



Wow, I need to check that out. Thank you again.



The only thing you can’t do which the Smartlink can do is listen to music via Bluetooth.

The Roger select has just come out and is loads better in terms of sound. It also has Bluetooth.