Phonak set to release new Roger On solution for hearing aid and cochlear implant wearers


“Roger On is compatible with almost every hearing aid and cochlear implant”

I didn’t see or missed how the Roger On is compatible with other devices, could it be T-coil?
The article says it streams in stereo too, that’s nice.

It could well be T-Coil via the MyLink product - which is a neck loop device as you may know.

Sure don’t want to go back to a device hanging around the neck.
It’s bad enough that we need to use remote microphones to hear.

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Yeah. The alternative is the RogerIn suite of products I think, which are direct but only with Phonak aids.

And you have to pay a pretty penny for those.

And I’m unsure if they (RogerIn Devices) are compatible with the KS9/KS10.

This is an area which I think needs major improvement in my view - not moaning - but if assistive devices were cheaper and more discreet, there would be a bigger uptake. People are reluctant maybe because they are so visible - having to point them etc. Of course, for some people they are a boon and absolutely necessary.

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Member WestEndBob uses the Roger iN with his KS9 aids. I would bet the KS10 aids could also be set up for the Roger iN devices.

My interest in the Roger On is with Cochlear Nucleus 7 or Kanso 2 processors. My audiologist appointment next week might be a good time to ask about this Roger On. I have Cochlear’s remote mics but have never used them. Had an opportunity a couple weeks ago at a loud restaurant/bar that I could not understand speech well at all. Need to start carrying it.

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I don’t know if this works on all HAs, but you can use your iPhone mic to stream sound. So if you put your phone down on the table with mic pointing towards them, no one would think twice about it. I will say I’ve never tried it (I really should) so I can’t comment on how well it works.

Interesting - thanks. Yes, I think there are also Apps - some along the AI variety that purport to do this kind of thing. Would be a good stealth alternative.

Edit: Just googled this - looks like there is one called Sound Amplifier for Android. But I have never tried it.

I just tried it and it does work (it works but no real settings like a noisy restaurant, I’ll try that some time). On an iPhone you can turn it on through settings-accessibility-hearing devices-then the page devoted to your aids. At the bottom this option appears. No idea if this is a MFI feature or a Starkey feature. Here’s a quick screenshot. It’s at the bottom of that page underneath presets.

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I think that is a rather misleading statement from Phonak. They can probably be made to work with most other hearing aids through some intermediary device (like plugging a Roger X Receiver into a MultiMic), but not what most people think of. I also remember reading somewhere where Roger On will lose some functionality when used with other hearing aids besides Marvel and Paradise. I think it will mainly be helpful for Marvel and Paradise owners (as well as KS9 and KS10) I’m sure they (Roger On) won’t be cheap.


$347 approximate US price.

That’s not too bad. Do you have a source for that price?

I followed the link and got to Phonak’s press release. It was listed at the top in Swiss Francs. I converted it to US Dollars.

That strikes me as extremely unlikely. That’s about what suggested price for PartnerMic is, maybe even lower. I’m pretty confident it will be at least a $1000.

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I guess time will tell…

I saw also in a UK website that the price is around 1000 $ but I can’t find now that website. Time will tell. 100 $ would be awsome!!

Here is mor info about the price:

Which app did you download from the Apple App store? does it work with CIs too? Thanks!