Phonak Roger Select, listening to music via Bluetooth?


Does anyone know if my iPhone 6 will allow me to listen to music via Bluetooth on the Select? Anyone got a solution?



it looks like Roger can handle Hands-Free-Profile (HFP) of Bluetooth but not A2DP. If you would like to stream music to Roger then you have to use an app that converts stereo-output to mono and transmits it like a phone-call. In android you can use

(this is useful for old car entertainment systems which were only capable to handle phone calls but no music).
I don’t know an app for iPhone.

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Settings-accesiblity- turn on mono audio



I think you’ll need to place the select into the charger and use the back audio ports (may be a cable converter that it came with) to get audio like this via Roger. It’s not Bluetooth but it’s something.