Phonak Roger Focus for APD - any users here?

Hi all,

After having a hearing test at Boots which showed a low frequency loss, then going for NHS testing at the Royal National Throat Nose & Ear Hospital, it was confirmed I don’t have any hearing loss, but the test at Boots was possibly not very well conducted! The RNTNE also wanted to double-check my diagnosis of Auditory Processing Disorder, which I’d had diagnosed at my local hospital over 12 years ago. That test was legit, but not particularly thorough. The RNTNE were interested in seeing if there was an identifiable reason for the APD.

Long story short, there isn’t - it’s just a cognitive thing, and I saw their hearing therapist a couple of weeks ago. She recommended I try Phonak’s Roger Focus & Pen to help me take in speech when there’s background noise / in difficult environments. Are there any people here with APD & no hearing loss? I’d like to know if there are any other adults that have used this equipment.

Best wishes all

I think the Roger pen is pretty popular although it’s considered overpriced and its FM technology is considered outdated. There may be better, more modern microphone alternatives out there based on new technology and cheaper, but I just don’t know much about those.

The Roger pen requires pairing with hearing aids, though. If you don’t have hearing loss per se, only APD, are you wearing any hearing aids? So piling on the cost of the Roger pen and its accessories to connect to 2 hearing aids, and the cost of 2 hearing aids just to use the Roger Pen, you’re looking at a considerable investment just to try out something that may or may not help you.

I’d suggest maybe check out this thread that talks about some more generic alternatives for people with normal hearing but have problems understanding speech in noisy environment. Maybe these devices can help you out and not cost you an arm and a leg like with the Roger pen and hearing aids route.


The setup I’ve been recommended is one Roger Focus - it’s a straightforward receiver to pick the pen’s transmission up, worn like a hearing aid - open fit so there’s no occlusion. The hearing therapist said it wasn’t quite an FM system, but I don’t know why it differs from other FM systems!

My concern is, I’d like to be able to access T-loops too, which the Focus doesn’t do. But as I don’t have a hearing loss, a prescription for hearing aids wouldn’t be suitable - and it’s not something the NHS would provide. There’s a work-access cost mitigation scheme that would cover the cost of the Focus & Pen for me, as it’s something I’d be using for work.

I’ll check out what else is out there, starting from the other thread. Thank you!

Ah, sorry I missed the Focus part and just saw the Pen part. I get it now.

I am 44 years old and I have APD. I first used the Roger Pen and a pair of focus receivers which I found that I needed because I have trouble with integration of the signal from both ears.

The Focus work really well and I would recommend using them for anyone with APD. The pen is discreet and really easy to use as well as being very directional.

I have found that narrow band directionality on good hearing aids does a similar thing but they still can’t beat the pinpoint directionality of the Roger Pen. It is worth getting for sure.

You can get a pair of Phonak Roger Focus on eBay and also the Pen. Much much cheaper. That’s how I got my Roger System.

It doesn’t run on FM anymore. It’s a completely different system. FM is analog. Roger is digital. (In the way it transmits.)

Me at least thats what audiologist thinks. I refused to shell out 250 jist to diagnose considering her recommendation will not change weather i have apd or not. Roger focus with pen is recommended. Im on a trial version.

When do u use it. Do i wear it all the time and just turn mic on when needed?