Phonak RemoteControl App for Audéo V: What happened to it?

Hi folks,
Anybody having any luck finding the Phonak Remotecontrol app for the Venture series aids? I fear that Phonak decided not to upgrade the app to work on Apple’s upgraded operating system and took it off the market.
Does anybody have any info?


My friend has the Naida B90 UPs and can’t find it either since he updated the iOS.

I called Phonak. Spent several days trying to log in It is discontinued.
Maybe if enough complain they will replace it.
I can’t balance my Audeo B-Rs now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t know if they offer the same but my friend is now using a PilotOne II.

I am using a Compilot ll as well. The phone app just gave you more control over what you can do with the aids. Thanks.

I really like my Audeo V90s but it’s this kind of customer service (Neglect) that drives me crazy. From what I can tell besides the bluetooth capabilities built into the Marvels, not much else has changed in terms of quality of sound & operating system. This doesn’t warrant me spending $5,000. on new aids. To leave customers with perfectly good 3 year old aids hanging out to dry is just plain wrong.
Phonak, are you listening? (pun intended)


I spoke with Phonak a few weeks ago and the app has been discontinued with the new iOS. I think the B-Direct’s are now the “oldest” Phonak’s that can use an app. This should bring up more of a debate about bluetooth vs MFi technolgy which doesn’t require an app to change programs or the volume. Call Phonak and let them know!

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Yes it has been discontinued.
Too much effort required to fix problems with ios13 update.

Not sure why they had to kill the Android app though!

Send emails to as they are still selling compilits

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“Too much effort” translates into maybe they’ll buy the new model. The effort to take care of your customers should be paramount.

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This is inexcusable. Makes me glad I am going back to Resound. Their old apps are still available.

I feel for you. These companies have an obligation to their customers.

Phonak needs to make the API available so that third parties can make apps for the older hearing aids.

OR phonak needs to issue an update to the older aids that will allow them to use relevant portions of the new app.
OR Phonak needs to offer those with the older aids a reduced price compilot type device that will do the remote controlling.


I’m so glad that I haven’t upgraded my iOS. I’m still happily using the RemoteControl app.

The app is back and working well for me.


What hearing aids are you using?

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Am using the Phonak Remote Control app, not the Phonak RemoteControl app nor the MyPhonak app. It had disappeared from app store. I searched far and wide, came up with threads that was discontinued/abandoned. Then one day I found it was back on same search shown discontinued. Downloaded, I think from Play Store. Can no longer see it there although its still installed and working. Last time it was pulled from my phone without me being aware. Hoping not to lose it again.

Weird stuff. Mine stopped working when I upgraded my ios.
Thanks for the info & hope it continues to work for you.

Not sure all the blame lies with Phonak here. It is not uncommon for apps to ‘break’ when Apple does an update. I think some of the blame is on Apple.

I’ll have to politely disagree with you here. I believe it’s the software manufacturer’s responsibility to keep up with different operating systems upgrades.


I get what you are saying. Apple does not make that easy all the time. The way the certify app upgrades can lead to delays in upgrades and for whatever reason Apple’s system upgrades often ‘break’ apps. I ran into this issue fairly frequently when I used iPhones. in my experience it has been a nearly non existent issue on my Android.

I have seen this on

“The Phonak RemoteControl app is now discontinued. If you want to use remote control functionality with your new Venture or Belong hearing aids, please use the ComPilot II or ComPilot Air II. For Audéo B-Direct hearing aids music streaming and phone call functionality are not affected”.

Very bad Phonak. You are still selling Phonaks Virto with no support?


I don’t see what the RemoteControl app does that the ComPilot doesn’t.

I wear Belong aids.