Phonak refuses to sell replacement for Remote Control directly

I need to purchase a replacement Remote Control (part# 076-0065-P5). I paid $99 for it at Costco, where I bought my Phonak Brio BTEs, 2 years ago. Since, Phonak (Sonova Group) broke the relationship with Costco around October 2022, they no longer allow Costco to order Phonak parts/products. Phonak support stated via email this week that they do not sell online or directly to customers and I would need to reach out to authorized dealers. I called around and got a quote of about $500 for the remote that I paid $99 before. This an outrage and abandonment of disabled person like myself by Phonak/Sonova. Can someone please advise me what government agency can I file a complaint with: FTC, FCC or maybe another agency?


I doubt complaining to anybody is going to do any good. If you want to solve your problem, check out EBay.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: It’s a business by Switzerland! Matchbox? 100$! An apple? 50$! Toilet paper roll? 500$! Remote control with 3 buttons? 500$!

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Phonak accessories are really expensive and the “mark up” is Huge. I almost think the company makes more money (profit) off Roger, remote control, TV adapter, etc., then hearing aids. Probably a toss up. With that said I had a small remote control on my key chain and then lost it. Phonak won’t replace lost accessories, even if under warranty. So now I just manually adjust volume bar on aid casing and use phone to adjust programs. After a couple months I realized there really is no reason for a hand held remote that’s over priced and easy to misplace.

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There is an alternative for everything you have mentioned. However, there is no alternative for proprietary product made only by Phonak. If they want to maintain unfair monopoly, then they need to answer to government rules and regulations. Some of their friends answered at Nuremberg last century for their infamous activities!


I would write to the Attorney Generals Consumer Protection Division in the state Phonak is located. (I think it is Illinois). Also file a complaint with the BBB. Although, the BBB has no enforcement power, the companies hate to have unresolved complaints for the public to see. I have filed a complaint recently about a computer warranty and got instant results from the company. The AGs office does have enforcement powers under the consumer protection laws of the state. If there are a lot of complaints against a particular company, they often will put pressure on the company to make some changes. You will be helping others. Having dealt with Phonak myself, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t have a lot of complaints against them. Here is the link to file a complaint: Consumer Protection (

might this work :

I second buying on e bay. I bought all my assistive devices thru E Bay. Complain, but solve your problem by buying elsewhere. Phonak hates that.

If you don’t want to use eBay for whatever reason, look on line (using Google to find stockists). I am in UK not US but I can see multiple suppliers of hearing aids and accessories who want around 190 GBP for a new Phonak remote control. Presumably there will be similar suppliers in the US.