Phonak Random Tones

Hello, my Phonak P9 Audeo aids have recently been either generating or receiving from phone a five-tone “notification”, which is occasionally only four notes. I use a Pixel 7 Pro phone. Pixel support says it’s not the phone. NO app notifications make this sound. This is not the low battery sound.

Phonak has not responded to my query.

The aids work normally, but will apparently randomly sound these tones. Can anyone help figure this out?


Disconnect from phone for a few days, see if it still happens.

Sticky button maybe. Could be a repair.

The 5 tone notification in ascending and descending
tone is when your aids are connecting to and disconnecting from each other. This is needed for the aids to communicate with each other.


This seems correct to me. If you shut one aid off, the other will make this report. Or if you leave one in a room and walk away wearing the other.

I find this sometimes happens when one aid is restarting (after a crash?) and the aid making the report is the one that didn’t crash. It will report that it lost contact with its mate and then report that it sees it again after the other aid comes back up. I experienced this with my p90s a while back, and they sent one in. Came back battery refreshed and haven’t had that problem since, so I think it was a total replacement.