Phonak pilot watch

have the phonak micro power BTE system and was wondering if the remote watch might be a good investment to raise and lower volume and change program,i understand this reduces battery life depending on usage but at 25 cents a battery who cares! as far as program change is this something my audioligist would have to do?

I have the Phonak SoundPilot2 remote and it works great. My audi was very clear to me, stay away from the WatchPilot AND the KeyPilot2; both seem to have transmitting probs and you will find yourself doing the James Bond thing, holding your watch or keychain up to your ear.

I can discreetly adjust my volume or program when I wear it inside my coat pocket, and the AAA battery lasts about a year.

You will have to see your vendor / audi to link the remote to your aids and activate your programs, be prepared to have a couple visits to fine tune what programs work best for you. I chose ‘calm in noise’ as my default and it works great, and I have ‘music’ as a choice and the autopilot. Music is great when you don’t want any compression and the autopilot works well in loud dynamic situations, like a busy restaurant or large crowds.

hope this helps.

often times it is more discreet to use a RC as oppose to lower the VC of the aid…

I have the watch and have had no trouble. Sometimes you do have to raise your hand to work with both hearing aids but no higher than if you were to read your watch. I use it quite often. I have had the watch for 1.5 years and recently had to change the remote battery. Batteries are around $5.00 though.