PHONAK Pilot 2 Watch for Sale

I have a WatchPilot2 for sale. It has been used and is in perfect working order. There are some minor scuffs to the strap, but the main watch-face is completely scratch free. Battery is NOT included. This is the Black Faced Version.

Phonak WatchPilot2 remote control for all remote-controllable Audeo, Savia, Eleva, Perseo, microPower and Supero hearing aids.

Volume control
Easy program selection
FM & FM+M control when radio aid is in use
Auditory “beep” to confirm change
Size approx: Face width including winder 42mm, strap width 20mm.
To control a hearing aid hold the remote control about 300mm from the hearing aid and press the appropriate button until the led indicator (in 6 o’clock) flashes briefly. Both hearing aids are controlled simultaneously.
Please note: The metal linked strap for these watches is quite large and it may be necessary to pay a jeweller to adjust it for you.

I am asking $300 for it. Will ship internationally as long as the cost is covered by purchaser. Thank you and message me if interested and want images of it sent 3pwp2mecb

Hi, I know this post was from a while ago, but it the WatchPilot2 still available? Thank you!

  • Steve
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Yes it is still available

Thank you! Are you the original owner?

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Yes I am the original owner.