Phonak Picoforte 3 PP-C-P analogue hearing aids

Hi (I’m a newbie) just wondering does anyone have any Phonak Picoforte 3 PP-C-P analogue hearing aids they no longer need / for sale or know of anywhere that stock them?

I have worn these most of my life & I’m gutted I am unable to purchase these new anymore, I have been in touch with phonak still waiting a reply.

Be very grateful if anyone can help me out, I have tried digital aids in analogue mode & they sound awful I feel more deaf!!!

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I have the same problem lol it sounds very fake I admit analog hearing aids sounds more realistic!!! My ears do not have a chip! But yea with the new hearing aids I’m a new person = AI robot

They are on ebay right now


These ones on eBay are described incorrectly.

They are actually the Cassia if you look at the other pictures.

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