Phonak Paradise Tap Control not working

Guys I just got my phonak paradise and tap and Boise assist don’t work…!!?
Any ideas

It can be enabled/disabled. Open the MyPhonak app and check the settings.

thanks…tried that and resetting app and hearing aids which are brand new…neither assist with siri or dbl tap work…out of ideas

Which paradise-model do you have?
Only the P-R, RT, and RL (rechargable, no batteries) with premium-(P90) or advanced-level (P70) have tap control.

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ok guys well i found the issue
the instructions were not very clear…shld say clearly…FIRST bluetooth the hearing aids to MYPHONAK APP…THEN bluetooth again the hearing aids themselves. So on my iphone I now see LEFT AND RIGHT from the APP and also only RIGHT for the hearing aids which is fine…


Apple must be very different than Android for touch control

The app has nothing to do with activation on android…

If I connect via Bluetooth via my phone or TV tap control is immediately available…

Yeah, it’s MFi which is different from Android.