Phonak Paradise Tap Control and Mic Range

Hi All,
Trialing The Phonak Paradise P90s and I am finding the Tap control and Mics lose the ability to communicate with my iPhone in about 10’ and wont pass through even 1 wall.
Would like to see them work for a longer distance.

What kind of range are others getting??


I would say I get twice that range. Some walls don’t cause a problem, some do. I running an Android phone.


So far not impressed with the connectivity features with iPhone.
Hearing is fine, that’s the point I guess, but a bit disappointed.
May stick with the Oticon Mores.


Similar experience here with the Phonak Paradise range. Having to train myself to keep an iPhone within reach to use the tap controls. With the old Oticon Streamer I could leave the phone in one room & roam my entire house, but I also had to wear that around my neck. I’ll take the tradeoff in regaining necklaces for the shorter range.

I did try using the buttons on the aids with better results.
Solved my Tapping issues, range is another story.
I am going to try the Phonak #13 battery model next because I don’t get enough time with the rechargeables.
I normally wear mine 16-18 hrs. per day and do a lot of call streaming, the rechargeables just don’t cut it for me.
That will resolve the Tapping issue also, No Motion Sensors in the Battery Model.

How much battery do you have % wise on an 18hr day with lots of streaming/calls?

Not being real scientific here but that’s it with 3-4 hours of streaming calls on Zoom or Teams.
I read somewhere that Phonaks use 1 side or the other to do the heavy lifting of the Bluetooth, your AuD can change it from 1 side to the other to balance things out a bit with the ear that draws less, if that is the case in your situation.

You can see which one is the Primary in your Bluetooth settings, you’ll see 1 LE_R and 1 LE_L and then 1 more either Left or Right Phonak Hearing Aid, that’s the Primary.
Your Left ear looks worse to me so in your case the Primary should be on the RT assuming your Left draws more current, which I think it would.

It only makes sense that driving a speaker harder would draw more power.
Same goes for P vs UP receivers.


Totally agree, Mike!

Yes, my BT ear is my R ear. I also self program and adjust my HA.

I personally really like the tap features thus far, hence me not wanting to go back to batteries if at all possible.

I chose them mainly for tapping and connectivity reasons also.

I am still trialing the paradise but so far I’m not impressed with the tapping, seems like sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I really like the sound quality so I may go to the 13 batteries, I’m willing to push the button.
It’s only 10 o’clock and I’m down to 10% on one side.

Wanted to update,
Decided to trash the Paradise and stick with the Oticon Mores, just couldn’t stand all the switching back and forth with Autosense and the quirkiness of the App.

I’ve found that the double tap for Siri is fairly reliable, however the pause/play streaming is not as reliable… and that’s because I think it has a timeout in when it can resume playing. For some odd reason, whenever the app that is playing music fails to be the active app on my phone, it won’t resume playing once it’s been paused. It has to be the most recent app used and within a recent time frame otherwise it won’t resume. Though, pausing is reliable - it’s just the resume/play that isn’t.

I have personally found the opposite with the Google Assistant. I think it is more a function of the phone and not the aids.

The assistant will work well for weeks or a month or do, then quit working for no reason I can discern. Neither my Audi not Phonak has been able to shed any light on the issue.

Currently it has been ‘offline’ for over a month although it Google sometimes gets activated when taking off my mask or glasses. I may disable it for the assistant.

For streaming, yeah I think that there is a timeout that comes into effect. I rarely run into it though. The tap control is also great for answering phone calls.


Wanted to circle back. Are you hoping the buttons will activate Siri, or resume playing? Because unfortunately, they do not do that. The only way for that type of functionality is via tap. They can, however, start Roger, a TV connector, and a PartnerMic from the buttons

Ok good to know, thanks!!