Phonak Paradise P90-R vs. Costco KS10

I currently wear Phonak Marvel 90R aids bought about 3 years ago. I expect to purchase new aids within 6 months when my warranty expires and I will choose either the Phonak P90r or the Costco KS10r aids. I have always worn Phonak aids and I also have always performed my own tweaks with Target software.

My question is: If any of you have PERSONALLY compared and tried both of these products have you found any material performance differences (other than the tinnitus issue and the comparitive pricing) between these two choices?

Did you actually purchase either one? Thanks as always for your thoughtful inputs!

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I had a Phonak pair for several weeks - tested and bought online. Not sure if they were your exact model number. I went through the Costco experience and got the KS10’s and if they are the exact Phonak equivalent they certainly sound better when: 1. taking a detailed hearing test in a sound booth with a trained techy; and 2. programmed by aforementioned tech.

Good luck

Think this You Tube compares the KS10 vs P90.

Thanks dthinker. So, for you, no material performance issues…

Zebras, as usual your inputs are valuable to me. I watched that video and after filtering it for Dr Cliffs forgivable biases, I felt as though he thinks the two aids are very very close to equivalents.

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I started with the Phonak P90-312 and dropped them because the fitter could not get a good enough fit with the molds. They were fine if I kept holding them in with my fingers!

I am now trialling the KS10. Fitter gave further details to maker of molds and they now fit well and I am highly likely to go with them. I DIY program mine and they use the same software with just cosmetic name changes here and there). So IMO, they are the same.

I probably would have bought the Phonaks if the fitter had got the mold right. Alas, they lost the sale.

The only difference with the aids I tried was that the Phonaks used 312 batteries and the KS10 is the rechargable version. I have absolutely no regrets in going KS10. My wallet is much happpier too.

I hesitate to reply since you asked for personal experience only, but I can tell you that the microphone openings are different and that the Paradise is reported to do better with wind noise.

MDB: Thanks for your comment. It was actually quite helpful!

Dave Uk: That’s exactly the experience I was looking for. Thanks.