Phonak Paradise P90 Bluetooth connection to my PC

UPDATE: Bam! The UTV3 WORKS to stream audio from the PC to the P90 HAs. Problem is, it prevents the P90 TV Connector from connecting to the P90s.

These HAs are the bee’s knees! The only problem I’ve had is the very iffy connecting to my PC. I have a Techkey 5.0 dongle that works great with everything I throw at it, everything but the HAs. Once connected, it works flawlessly, but when I leave the room, there is no guarantee the HAs will reconnect. I end up having to cycle power on the BT adaptor, maybe once, maybe more before it connects. Many times it doesn’t connect, so I have to cycle power on the HAs to put it in pairing mode, and try to reconnect. It’s a total nightmare.
So I was wondering if anyone has a bluetooth 5.0 adaptor that just works. One that reconnects without all the BS I have to go through. Customer Service recommended a different dongle, one that had only 3 ratings. Mine has over 17,000, mostly positive ratings…
Any advice would be appreciated.

I have the P7O UP aids and the tv connector. I have the tv connector connected to my tv. When l am finished doing tasks then return to my tv room, the aids automatically connects to the tv. What you can do is buy a tv connector and connect it to your PC with an audio cable. No Bluetooth issues.


P90s as well. I have the ASUS USB-BT500. That seems to work well, although sometimes it takes a while to re-connect after being away. When this happens, I click on the loudspeaker icon in the system tray lower right and the Phonak is not in the list. If I wait a few minutes and don’t click anything, it reconnects and I have sound in the HAs again.

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Hmmm, Terost. That’s a fine idea. I have the last gen tv connector hanging around, but that likely won’t work. I’ll look into this. Thanks!!

bulk… Maybe that’s it. Maybe I’m too impatient. I’ve heard that a time or two. :grin:
I’ll force myself to wait to see if that’s it. Thanks!

UPDATE: I’ve had a couple of extended wait times today and they never reconnected. Bummer

The TV connector, at least the current one, does not use bluetooth so that is probably not helpful.

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The TV connector is plugged into the PC to receive the signal by wire.
Then the TV connector wirelessly communicates with the aids.
No Bluetooth spot taken either. Frees up the aids two Bluetooth spots.


I’ve found out today that the TV Connector is one of the many products that are negatively impacted by the Chinese micro chip ordeal, making them as rare as hens’ teeth. Too bad the prior generation TV connector won’t work, or so I’ve been told…

The prior TV device is called the TVLink or TVLink2. They do not work with the Marvel or Paradise aids. (KS9 and 10 aids)

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Too bad, indeed. I have both of them…

The first generation TV Connector came out with the Audeo B Direct Aids.

I might be wrong but the only difference are there are no controls on the top.

There’s only one TV Connecter? It’s suitable for the SWORD chip models from Phonak, but @80da0e13858043edda98 is clearly talking about the previous Generation

First TV Connector that came out.

Second TV Connector that came out!

He said last Gen TV Connector so we don’t know which one he’s talking about!

True, but if they work exactly the same,why would he think it wouldn’t work without trying it? So last generation would be the TVlink, he states he has both prior versions of TVlink.

Sennheiser BTD800 is commonly recommended if the radio on your motherboard is balky. You might check your software drivers to be sure they are current but the Sennheiser works. A bluetooth connection as opposed to the TV Connector will draw more HA power and will have more latency.

First generation TV connector works just fine

I have the Sennheiser BTD800 and it works better than others I have used. But agree that the TV connector is best…

This is a little OT; but how many TV Connectors can be used with one pair of Paradise HAs? I have not been able to find solid documentation on subject. I am considering two TVs plus desktop PC. FWIW, I have previously tried Bluetooth dongle with ReSound LINX - didn’t work. I also experimented with USB to audio to feed ReSound Streamer instead of headphone jack on PC and that presented quality issues.

It is unfortunate the TV streamer devices can’t pull audio signal from USB on TV or PC instead of separate wall wart and 3.5mm plug or optical connection. Optical s/b higher quality than any analog audio. FWIW

Yes, The TVLink and TVLink2. There’s also the UTV-3 from Unitron that works with older version Costco HAs. I’ll fire it up to see if it works with the P90 HAs.