Phonak Paradise P-312 vs Starkey Evolv 2400 ITE HS

Hi all,

I’ll shortly be trialling a pair of Paradise P-312, which my audi ordered. When I saw them yesterday they were somewhat larger than I had thought they would be, and I was having second thoughts about them. All of the pictures I’d seen of them appeared to be a little bit bigger than the CIC, but not so. I’m new to the world of HAs so maybe I’m a bit naive.

He said I could also trial the Starkey ITE which he said should be a bit smaller. There are pros and cons to each - Phonak apparently has a better app, better speech intelligibility (?), better connectivity, and a pay as you go option thru my clinic that also offers a free upgrade every 3 years. The Starkey’s have unreliable BT (from what I read here and in reviews), app is not as good, and no pay as you go.

I’m interested in feedback from members here on either of these two models - speech, app, functionality, etc. Anything at all to help me make a decision as to which way to go.

Any help appreciated.


Are you trialing Virto Paradise 312?

Phonak say it depends on your ear size as to how small they can make them.

If ear size is smaller, then they’ll be larger to fit everything in.

Yes sorry - the Virto. And thanks for the response free the size.

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Some people haven’t been happy with the size on the Phonak Virto.

They end up going with another make of hearing aid as they want really small and will loose features to make them smaller.

I want really small/invisible as well but also want all of the features. We can cram a massive amount of electronics into a pea-sized shell with cameras and all sorts of whizz-bang stuff but we can’t have HAs that give us all the features we want in a miniature sized unit. Maybe the large manufacturers should hire ex-CIA people who have experience in designing powerful but discreet devices :slight_smile:

My goal is to get the best HEARING I can from the HA’s.
When I was a kid, classmates with glasses (including me) were called 4eyes, now they are fashion statements.
It is becoming the same with hearing devices. For me as long as they are comfortable and provide the best hearing support … I don’t care if others can see them or not!

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