Phonak Paradise, Background Noise, and Bluetooth

It may be well known by others but I didn’t know this. In my prior versions of the Naida hearing aids, I used to have a program that allowed me to basically shut off the hearing aids while they were in my ears.

Too much noise then I just press the button on the hearing aid until I got to the program that made it quiet. That’s easier then pulling the aids out of your ears or opening both battery doors to reduce the background noise. I actually used this silence program often.

With the Paradise hearing aids, one can just hold down on the “go lower” volume button for a few seconds and accomplish the same result. I do this often when I’m cutting the lawn or when something is loud and I don’t want to hear it - like when reading and the TV is on. Just press the volume button again and you are back to full hearing again.

I wasn’t aware but this shutting down of background noise works well with Bluetooth. I just connect my hearing aids with Bluetooth to my phone or my PC and then I press the down volume until the background noise is removed. This is a much better listening experience when there is lots of background noise.

Since I wasn’t aware that it worked this way, I thought I’d share this info in case others didn’t know about it either.


Annoying tho that when you get a call or a message, the mute function will undo and you have to re mute. Stupid feature.

Thanks so much. Appreciate your post.