Phonak Paradise Automatic program issues

I have severe to profound loss in one ear and completely deaf in another ear. I have recently bought Phonak Paradise (P90) with Cross .

I am feeling like Automatic program is frequently changing with some changes like voice turns metallic etc. Sensitivity of auto program is reduced but still this problem is not resolved. I am not able to adjust to hearing aid because of the auto program.

Please let me know anyone has faced similar problem. Can we fix with manual program? Will we then lose the advantage of this latest model hearing aid?

I really appreciate your support.

I’m guessing you can have the auto-sensing program disabled! If worse comes to worse, change your startup default program to something that works. For me it’s Comfort in Echo due to the cavernous house I live in. That may also help to cut out the over-correcting of auto-sense.

I tell ya: machines rule MAN way too often! Our aids have become like mulelish robots, insisting on changing how we hear things without our permission! Drives me nuts.

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The autosense program is supposed to change automatically depending on what the computer chip detects. It should be a smooth transition although I have seen some complaints on this forum that the changes are noticeable and distracting. Besides the autosense program you can have I believe 4 other programs added to the aids which you can switch manually. You can also do this using the my phonak app. I use the autosense program probably 95% of the time with no problem. So I might want to find out if there is a problem with autosense on your particular aids. My experience with autosense is it handles changes smoothly, like dealing with music and I don’t notice any transition at all.

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I’ve learned that if you customize the automatic program and save it, the auto program isn’t auto anymore.

I had the music program saved as my primary program.


When I’ve changed another program to start up, I’ve still been able to select AutoSense but it’s been right at the end of my program list.

If want to use AutoSense before seeing your Audi, you’ll probably find it in your program list.

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after using Music and another program regularly at start-up, I’ve finally decided to have autosense set again as my start up program. But I want my audi to crank some of the settings; I don’t hear well enough or distinguish words well enough with the autosense set the way Phonak intended.

I’ve found that these setting changes help me understand spoken words…

  • Treble +1

  • Middle +1

  • Base -2?

  • Volume -2

  • Noise Reduction -2

  • Speech focus NO

  • Dynamic–Increase Soft +2

If I still have issues, I change the volume setting on my Phonak Audeo Paradise P90R’s.

I really miss the AutoSense program now. I want my SMART hearing aids back. After all, it’s feature that PHONAK has established and paid for it.
But I have issues with the way that PHONAK configured it; and I don’t like having to pull out my iPhone when I’m having trouble understanding words. I feel as if I’m still hearing impaired, and what’s the point of using my hearing aids.

I see my audiologist tomorrow. I’m grateful. He’s made time for me again! And on short notice.


Look for it on your program list. You’ll just have to change to it every time you turn Aids on until you see Audi.

Inquiring mind wants to know: why turn this OFF? I should think it would help with speech in LOUD places?

Bless your audi for making time for you on short notice. A rare and caring person!

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Everyone is different. For me speech in loud noises doesn’t do anything


However, if there are 2 or more people I can’t hear the people beside or slightly behind me. That’s caused me problems

Sound like most of you would benefit from a Noahlink wireless and the Target software … and set the auto program the way you would like it to sound :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much all for your responses. I consult Audi once again after some observation.

Thank you for the suggestion. Could you please let me know where can I download software and buy device. Which one is preferred ( Noahlink it ICU be 2)

Absolutely. Except I’m accused of over-thinking this at home. And told that my hearing aids don’t work…

(I have sleep apnea too; I use OSCAR to monitor my treatment. My sleep doc doesn’t, and has no clues except “4 hours a night and AHI=5 or less makes me compliant”) so I’m a little sensitive…I’m “over-thinking it” there too.



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Thanks for the link.

edit: Phonak just sent me a notice that the APP has been improved. I just downloaded it. I hope it’s an improvement. It’s certainly different; I have to learn new habits using the new APP.

First test…if I take Auto and change settings, and save the changed auto program—it’s no longer automatic. (If i walk into a noisy environment, the changed hearing aid auto program I saved will not switch like the real auto program does.)


Yes Oscar is a very good software … I have been using it since it was “Sleepyheads”

Link to a Noahlink … make sure you get the wireless one

there is another thread devoted to Target software here

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l have profound hearing loss and use P70-UP aids. Using the myphonak app and Target, l have it set to Calm in Noise to reduce sounds like air conditioner running, machine noises, car noise. To understand a person talking or listening to music, l switch to automatic. At home, its mostly streaming media and TV.

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I find that the transitions are anything but smooth. However, they don’t seem as annoying as when I first got them, but maybe my old brain just learned to tolerate it better.

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Thanks for the link!

I just came from my audiologist. He used that to make changes to the Automatic Program for me.