Phonak paradise and roger on

I am using the Roger On to connect to my Landline office phone. Everything works. The only problem is talking to my customers requires to use the phones handset. I was told that in place of the handset use a quick disconnect headset to be able to talk.

I tried several headsets non was successful. Any suggestions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



I’ve used this in the past.

Not sure if it would work for you. I realise you’re likely not be in the UK as well.

My Cisco landline phone does have an aux imput. All im trying to do is avoid picking up the handset. I was told that you can replace the handset with a headset or use a stand alone microphone in place of the handset so the customer can hear me. Plugging into the phone adapter into the handset and then using a headset that can replace the hand set. This does not work. Would the aux jack work or a Bluetooth wireless headset(with a microphone) this way i could hear thru roger on and talk thru the wireless headset. Is it possible to connect hearing aid and Bluetooth headset at same time??

I also can connect to my Cisco phone using Plantronics MDA220 hub however i can hear well cause the external mics pick up back round noice

It’s like trading one problem for another



Would you connect the Bluetooth headset to phone as you can’t pair Bluetooth to Roger on?