Phonak Nano

Posted a pic of the new Phonak Nano compared to a regular CIC on our facebook page:

would you mind please posting that picture somewhere public. I am not on facebook and can’t seem to view it without joining.

Here’s the picture you asked for

How is the Nano different from other IIC aids?

Is this just Phonak being later than others introducing an IIC aid? Being later is not necessarily bad if the product is better as a result of the delay.

I think that’s basically it. Their recent acquisition of Lyric might have had a little to do with this addition as well…although it might have been in the works for awhile.

The Lyric does not have a pull string to remove it though, does it?

My familiarity with the Lyric is limited, but I believe it does have a way to remove it but when it’s removed it cannot be re-inserted as it has to be done under microscope in the office.

I figured it’s possible with the addition of Lyric to the Phonak company that they might have inherited some tech to allow for more miniaturization…but I bet they had something in the works long before they purchased Lyric so they could compete with the other companies that had a hearing aid of similar class/fit.