Phonak Naida V UP

I just bought this pair of hearing aids and i start to feel a little bit annoyed after a few days. Some times experiencing sound drop then its automatically back again. Either one side, depends on…for example when talking on phone, or sound of doorshut or some situations with loud noise ( the sound was cut off for awhile probably like 10 seconds and then automatically return in normal mode )
I am using Phonak Naida V UP. Although its has been improved with hearing but there still some drawbacks. Are you also experience the same as me? Please share. Thank you

After a loud sound the aids are supposed to react by “clipping” the loud sound off so it is not extremely irritant loud for you. This should not take several seconds, though, it should be well under one second. You can have that feature turned off, think it’s called Sound Relax.

Another possibility is that in your “Soundflow” automatic cycle you have a program called “noise” which decides that if you are in environment which is all noise, like walking through a construction site, it will damp down the noise because there is, according to the program, little to gain from listening to meaningless noise. My understanding is they normally switch that off in profound fittings becuase environmental noise is usually all you can get with residual hearing and is thus exactly what you want to hear, but it may be the audi has set them up in a more standard mild-moderate way and you have this noise cycle. If they cannot totally remove the noise program from the Soundflow cycle (depends on software and firmware if they can or not, ironically it’s the older versions which let you and the newer versions not) then ask for them to be set so that in “Noise only” situations you want to “maximise audibility” instead of “maximise comfort”.

May also to be to do with you having a gain setting that is hard up against the maximum output, but I don’t know huge amounts about that, just that it does something funny. Sounds like the noise cycle is your most likely culprit.