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Hi I am new to this forum and new to HA’s. I woke up one morning in Oct 2010 and could not hear in my left ear. After numerous trips to the ENT it looks like my hearing is not coming back. I don’t have the actual numbers but it is around -90db across the board. I have been fitted with Naida V UP and I have a few questions. When I am in a quiet enviroment I can hear fair with my HA ( not quiet as good as my good ear ). When I get in a loud enviroment it is as if I don’t have it on. I have explained this to my Dr and she makes an adjustment then has me try it for a week. I had always been told by HA users I knew that when they were in a loud room it was really hard to hear because of all the noise. I seem to have just the opposite I cant hear because the volume does not increase in my HA. Is this normal or is my HA just not programed right. I have about 3 weeks left on the trial use and any remarks would be thankful.

I also am newly fitted with the Naida 5 UP. It is my understanding that within the “main” automatic program, there are three levels of “noise reduction” or compression of the background noice. Different levels of background noise will trigger a program change to compensate for one of the three levels for the “noise.” I suspect that the compression or reduction of background noice is set to high or too much. I had to go back three times to tweek this problem. In addition, there are 3-4 manual programs that can override the default automatic program. I had the audi program the three manual programs to different sernerios to help us both covert my experiences to adjust the automatic program.

I hope this helps.

Richard fr Monterey
severe to profound loss
Naida 5 UP ICom TVlink

Thanks rweigle I went back today and she did some more adjusting and i think it has helped. She is going to extend my trial period and order a different HA and see if that helps. Thanks for your responce.

it has been my experience that since you have a great loss, they set a hearing aid to hear soft sounds but it puts a cap on loud sounds, so it compresses the sound 2 ways. From a limiter turned on in the programming or the max output of the aid is limited to a set output, which they would do so you won’t lose anymore hearing. I fight a similar battle, I have had them turn all compression off. and set the max out put all the way up. Then you might have to turn down the hearing aid actually. i hope this makes sense, if not I will try to explain better if you would like!

Thanks Honkytonkjohn I think I understand in fact that is what I think the Audio is going to do. I have my fingers crossed it will work.

You should both post your audiograms so we can see what’s going on as well and may be able to offer some more insight or snide :eek: comments! :smiley:

try an Chili SP7… far superior in strument!

Hi xbuilder

Still traling the Naida 5 UP. I don’t have audiogram in front of me by have moderate to profound slope seneoneural loss since birth. At around 1Hz it is at 50db then continues on down to 120-130 in the 4Hz on up. W/o HA, my spech discrimination is still at 82%. The sound recovery feature of the Naidas really work well. Also. being an oldtime analog user, I like the algorithm of the Phonak. Been using the Phonaks for 15-20 years now.

I really like the newer technology of interfacing with the TV, phone, cell phone, etc. So getting the power “punch” coupled with the interface for total communication is really important for me.

Still think I should try the Chili?

Thanks for being here.

Richard fr Monterey,CA

You got nothing to loose. The fitting range seems to fit you well chilli is 100% wireless it will allow you to hookup to the tv, celphone and now they will have a remote microphone for FM like


Does the size 13 battery work for a doable life on the Chili unlike the Naida did with developing the UP with the 675 battery when the battery life was too short with the SP? If I trial the Chilli, will it then be better to wait for a few months to have Oticon work out possible bugs?

Richard fr Monterey

genie 2011.1 is out there, I havent seen bugs- BUT there might be some.

you just simply have the setup to prefer comfort when loud sounds are present. The settings should have “maintain audibility” as the preferred setting, so you can still have sounds available to hear…

My response is probably a bit too late…