Phonak Naida V UP, Bluetooth and mp3 players

Hi guys

I’m John. I’m profoundly deaf in both ears. So I have got Naida V UP hearing tooth. They work good for me. I had them for a year or so.

I used to listen to music with ‘shoes’ attached to my hearing aids from an mp3 player. So I would like to hear to music again from an mp3 player.

From the Phonak website, it says that Naids V Up is capable of blue tooth connectivity. I’m confused whether Bluetooth is actually in-built into the hearing aids or I would need additional equipment like iCom or anything else. Suggestions would be welcome.

I did read that iCom has mixed reviews, again adding to my confusion.

FYI, I was thinking of getting a Sony Walkman with Bluetooth capability.

It would be great if you could please help me answer the following questions:

  1. Is blue tooth built into Nadia V Up hearing aids? If not, what do I need?

  2. Do I need any additional equipment to listen to mp3 players?

I will be speaking to my audiologist soon.

Hi Jova

The Naida V UP can only connect via an iCom using wireless, it does not have a standalone Bluetooth and as far as I am aware no HA’s have this feature! The other method I can think of is; Bluetooth Neckloop - Beetle H2-ST; this works via the telecoil/inductive loop which can be switched on for your Naida’s! You can buy the Beetle in the UK and the States. Links below… But I am sure there are many other outlets.

I hope this helps, cheers Kev:D

For USA;

For UK;

The iCom is the only way for bluetooth to work here…as far as I know.

As far as mixed reviews on the iCom, I think you have to look at the firmware the people are reviewing. I’ve had mine for about a year and a half. Through firmware updates, it has gone from so-so to almost perfect. The only downside I see at the moment is the battery life, but I use mine a lot for listening to music, usually through the mini-jack connection rather than bluetooth (less battery drain, better sound quality).

iCom is definitley worth it though

Thanks, Evil Scientist and kevels55.

You have pretty much confirmed it for me.

One lastr questions; do I have to have enabled bluetooth or telecoil program on my Naida hearing aids?

I only have 1 program which is basicially a catch all program. Press button on HAs once more, it becomes silent. This enables to take off my hearing aids without noise feedback. I would imagine this is an off switch, not a telecoil program.

Any thoughts.

Once agains, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Actually, I am from the UK.

HI Jova

I take it these are NHS Naida’s? Your NHS Audi will have to switch on Telecoil/Loop, up to 5 programs can be allocated to the Naida’s, they have to be programed in, you access these via the program switch at the top of the aid or you can use the MyPilot remote (costs around £200, but NHS does sometimes supply this?) It has been my past experience, that NHS Audi’s are loathed to add extra programs, they like to keep it very simple and pairing MyPilot, iCom etc’ does tend to piss them off:mad: Even if this helps to enhance your quality of life… IMO, Telecoil should be a standard program fitting for all NHS aids whom have a Moderate/Severe or Profound Loss! Sadly most NHS Audi’s rarely will add this unless asked!

Cheers Kev.

I’d suggest that the mute program may indeed be the telecoil. I’ve visited a few NHS departments in my time and would struggle to name one that would deliberately knobble an aid to take off the telecoil function.

Pairing a devices can be a faff in a short appointment, but I agree that if possible, the technician ought to be enabling as much as possible on them. I-Com functionality is great - the more people who can benefit from these kinds of devices the better imho.

Hi Steve

If I recall correctly, the Naida V UP only does 2 x Telecoil+Mic programs, 1 Public Telecoil and 1 Telephone Telecoil and does not do a standalone Telecoil… Mind you, I’m getting old and my memory ain’t what it used to be, so I would not take that as gospel:D

Cheers Kev,

One of those ought to do fine though. It ‘might’ sound like a mute prog in the absence of a a signal though.

As for the accessories, bunging one on a USB connection to pair it up is barely a hardship.