Phonak Naida V Sp and Up difference?

Is there any significant difference between Ultrapower and Superpower models of phonak naida V hearing aid ?

Super power 75 db max gain , frequency range 100 - 6400 hz
Ultra power 82 db max gain , frequency range 100 - 4900 hz

I bought the SP one , cuz frequency range is wider . What is your opinion ? Is sound quality different ?

The choice should really depend on the extent of your hearing loss. You have not posted your audiogram, so it is difficult to discuss this further.

Your hearing professonal should have stated their recommendations and the reasoning behind those suggestions.

Only difference between the SP model and the UP model is power and battery size.

UP (more power) uses a 675, SP (less power) uses a 13

I have the UP model, it’s better than the SP except in the highest frequencies, but then very few deaf people have any usable high frequency hearing left. I don’t even have enough mid frequency hearing to benefit from transposition.

Here is my audiogram attached

Looked at your audio. I always recommend getting the hearing aid that can address the current loss and any future decrease (within about 5 years) best. A UP will offer more head-room than the SP. Whether you will need it is unknown. If your hearing has been stable for a long time then you may never need that extra room…I always like to err on the side of caution though. Last thing I want to have is a patient return in 3 years angry that the hearing aid I sold them can’t be increased anymore and they need to buy a new one. Nobody wins in that situation.

My loss hasn’t changed dramatically for about at least six years. I think I’m lucky. I guess my hearing loss won’t be worse untill after ten years. just a guess of course. When I reach that point , my aids will be out of usage. Thanks for the explanation since it explains why my audi wanted to sell me the up model.

At my practice they are the same price (if both a Naida V)…was it more for you to get the UP vs. the SP?

No ,it was the same . The reason why I chose the sp model was I got a second hand sp aid on the internet so I bought the same model as the other aid. the second hand sp is also in good condition and working fine just like the new one.

The price was around $1235 for the new aid .

Do you think I could get benefit from the soundrecover feature or I wasted my money ?

I like soundrecover for just about everyone…so I don’t think you would be wasting money. However, I don’t have a lot of patients that fall into the same category of hearing as yours (I have seen 2 in as many days though which is odd).Anything that could potentially help with clarity of speech I think is worth a try at least.

I have been wearing the aids for two days and I feel an increase of speech clarity though not much. The naidas are interesting , I’ll need more time to adjust. Especially the directional microphones are making the adjustment more difficult since I haven’t worn aids with directional microphones before.

In your opinion, is my loss unusual ? or a rare type ?

It’s unusual in that I just don’t see a lot of people with severe losses. Not sure why really…just don’t.

I have found that it can be hard to adjust to soundrecover and some people just don’t like it. It seems to be going well for you though which is good!

Thanks for the information. I guess people with moderate or mild losses are more common than that of severe losses. Thanks again. I’ll update the thread when I notice improvements.

Curious, is the AuD charging you a onetime fee for a period of time or a per session fee to adjust the used hearing aid you bought?

My audi didn’t want any extra charge for the used hearing aid.

That’s great.

I know this is a really old thread but I am really curious as to what the frequency ranges means and why the SP and UP are different?

Look at your audiogram: at the bottom is Hz and usually starts at 125 Hz and goes up to 8,000 Hz. The SP will amplify sound up to 6,400 Hz on the audiogram scale and the UP will only go up to 4,900 Hz.

Why does the Naidas not go up to 8000 htz.

I now understand what this means now you have but , in it.

I always thought HAs go up to 8000htz like the audiogram does even if some people can’t hear high frequencies.

Remember that a higher frequency loss is more common. Since with a profound loss people are more likely to have NR at the top end, the UP’s don’t deal with that, which is out of the speech range, anyway. Since your audogram is worse at the low frequencies, you might be happier with the SP’s, which do provide the higher frequencies, so that some sounds can be moved up there. Or maybe another HA, altogether.

At least I think I can wrap my mind around that logic. :smiley: