Phonak Naida S CRT IX

I found my husbands unused aids. I am curious to try them again but I don’t have any 312s. Will let you know if they work out. My last True Audi from where I used to live told me they are not as powerful as the Sonic Flip 60 RITE DVC 13s that I have. So I chose to not have her refit them for me.

Going to at least try them before I get rid of them.

I believe the Naida S CRT IX can have different strength receivers attached to them which can make them more powerful. Good luck!

The attachment might help you concerning the Naida S aids. The CRT receiver Naida aids are from 2011, Spice generation, use size 13 batteries, earliest Target software aids.

This has a very small power source. If it could have been changed to the larger 13 why did she not offer that for me? I don’t know but if it was that old maybe the investment would not have been worth it. I will purchase some 312s and just try it out again out of curiosity.

Thank you very much.

It looks like the VA gave my husband the best. Why they didn’t work I do not know. Had we maybe had a better fitter it would’ve worked out. My husband had CMT a neurological disease. he had almost no use of his hands or any dexterity at all in his fingers. I had to set them in and take them out and do all you need to do with hearing aids.

In hindsight now I wish we had gone back and told him that they are not working but you have to fix it. If I remember correctly it was very difficult to get an appointment.

My Audi was very nice but maybe perhaps she wanted me to buy a brand new pair of aids. She seemed to imply that I was better off with the Sonics.

Thanks Raudrive.

Here is some information about your Sonic RITE Flip 60. I am not familiar with Sonic aids. Yours appears to be from 2016. The 60 is their mid level aid, not their best.

I found my old receipt and these were purchased in 10 2012. They have a T coil and it is hard for me to understand his writing but there is something about frequency shaping and directional mics automatic gain, speech enhancement. More but I cannot understand. He said I did not need top of the line.He also was a true Audi that sold them to me. The new Audi is the one that would have refit my husbands Phonak for me.

I like the Sonics in that they have little raised ridges on them making it easier to handle them when changing batteries. My batteries last for 12 to 14 days. I normally have 15 to 18 hours waking time. I feel my hearing is very natural although how do I know?

Speakers on my iPad are terrible, very tinny. Speech understanding getting worse and worse and now with everyone wearing masks it is almost impossible. Only professional actors know how to enunciate. Heard birds chirping today, must have been very loud maybe Crows. LOL

Guess I am very ready for new HA’s

my mom is getting tested for CMT soon (there’s a chance I might have it too)

I’m sorry to hear that. I think there is a way that you can send me an email because we should not get into this medical stuff on this hearing site.

Yeah but hey, happy hearing to you both!

Email me at before you spend $15k for tests. Do you wear hearing aids and are they working really well for you? Isn’t this a wonderful forum.? I am learning so much and I have to try to retain most of it but I know I don’t. I am on the waiting list at Costco And I think they do only 4 new cases a day. Hope it’s soon.

I’m in hearing aids and working well for me! (Just waiting for the place to open up again so I can go get new ones soon lol)