Phonak Naida Paradise not working in Google Meets

Hi all,

Just got fitted with the latest Phonak Naida Paradise hearing aids.

Issue I have is when joining a laptop based Google Meets call, more than often the audio/mic on the hearing aid is lost. So I can’t hear anything and others can’t hear me. And I effectively have to turn off the Bluetooth on the laptop, and then dial in using my phone into the meeting.

Very annoying. I must add when I trialled the Marvels, they worked fine with Google Meets.

Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

One alternative @goldstarfun might be Phonaks TV connector if your Laptop has a 3.5 audio Jack plug? Or try removing all previous Bluetooth connections and reinstall your Paradise aids? My Naida Paradise work perfect with my iPad Pro, but I could never get my previous marvel aids to connect, I use the TV connector on my iMac for video calls and this works perfectly via the 3.5 jack plug…… Good luck, cheers Kev :wink:

When you trialed the aids and Google Meets worked, was it with the same laptop? If so, you might go into settings for the hearing aids and switch between fixed and dynamic. If it was a different laptop, I’d try a Bluetooth dongle. Sennheiser is recommended by Phonak, but I’ve had good luck with cheaper ones. There are a lot of software complexities to using bluetooth on a computer, especially when combined with another program like Google Meets.

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Two GREAT responses above here! I’d never heard of fixed and dynamic settings … but I DO have experience with both Sennheiser headphones and using the TV Connector with my Marvel aids (not exactly Naidas). I thought it would be SO COOL to have my Marvels streaming with my Samsung cell phone, the laptop and through a different dongle, to my husband’s laptop (as we often huddle around his screen for Skypes and Youtube shows). NOPE. Nuthin’ doin’ is what I soon learned.

As MDB points out, there are myriad glitches and annoying NO-GOs in the Bluetooth world with our aids. I kind of blame the aids? But maybe it’s everywhere. My Marvels would simply not pair up reliably with my cell phone - the one device I TRULY need it working with - if I had it connected to and paired up with other devices. Any.

I’d have to go through the whole nine yards of “forgetting” and then re-connecting, re-pairing the Marvels to my cell phone all day long. It was too much work, and if my cell phone rang, my aids would somehow never be in paired mode. I gave up. I only have my aids paired with my cellphone, and use a TV Connector on my TV - NO LAPTOP paired unless I’m actually watching a single show. And then, even still I sometimes have to go through the process of re-pairing the aids with my cell phone.

I can definitely empathize with a working situation where you need aids paired to phones and laptops at the same time, so I cast my vote for getting a TV Connector to plug in AS NEEDED to your work laptop for the Google Meets sessions. Then unplug it and set it aside. GOOD luck in getting all this technology working for you.

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Your Phonak Marvel aids are not designed to be paired and connected to more than one Bluetooth device at a time. They can be paired to more than one device but only connected to one device at a time.

So, the trick is to only have one device connected.
Good luck with this.

^^^Thanks Raudrive! It really helps my sanity to have SOMEONE tell me the truth here. We’re fed all kinds of marketing BS about the capability of these aids, and the reality is simply not there. As a result I find myself questioning my OWN ability to handle technology, and even hesitant to share the pitfalls and problems.

I totally get it now: FORGET ABOUT having these Marvels connected to more than one device at a time. Since my cell phone is KING PIN, it’s going to have to take precedence over any kind of entertainment device (laptop, TV). When those aids are streaming with the Samsung cell phone it is a BEAUTIFUL thing! Yesterday, I was putting clothes in the washing machine when my cell phone rung upstairs. I answered it downstairs and had a perfect call, heh heh! WHO can do that in the non-hearing aid world?

But when the aids fall out of pairing out of the BLUE or send the sound to my DUMB RIGHT ear, I want to strangle that phone (or my itty bitty aids). In fact, here’s a question for the larger audience:
Does ANYONE else find that quite often a call to Medicare, the US gov’t (passport office, say), or some other official line will simply not stream the call?!?!

Tell me if I’m losing my mind, cuz I’ve had several of these official calls to make of late, and the dang phones would utterly cut out of streaming like some NSA gremlin had jammed a signal. I’d hang up, see that my phone was in Bluetooth mode, paired, connected and call, say Anthem insurance. No prob streaming!

I’d hang up and call Medicare B about a billing issue and I’ll be jiggered, the phone would drop streaming like a hot potato. What’s up with that? It’s super critical for me to stream with these call center sites so I can hear better than they can. But when the streamer cuts out on me, I’m left crippled, and have to resort to speakerphone or my “acoustic phone” mode. Very perplexing.

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