Phonak Naida P90-UP suddenly drops in volume and speech clarity

Been using Phonak Naida P90 UP for 6, 7 months with good results. Then all of a sudden right aid out of the blue drops in volume and speech clarity. Incoming sound is distorted, as if autosense no long works. Right aid sent to Phonak repair only to work great for a week then revert back to same problem. All incoming sounds at half volume with speech clarity gone.

What I know is not the problem is moisture since I use a dryer every night and actually don’t wear aids outside in hot weather while doing yard work. Also new batteries don’t solve problem and there is zero wax build up in aid mold nor ear canal. My right aid is now back in shop being looked at a second time (gee - why wasn’t it fixed the first time) but my Audi speculates that maybe my bluetooth setting got turned off or somehow was not able to communicate to my left side aid. I did not check that. There’s also some speculation that maybe my aid just went into Bluetooth versus Autosense.

Well when I did check my aid program/setting I was in Autosense and I’ve not done any bluetooth connection nor streaming for a month. I basically use aid for hearing and all the other stuff is very distant secondary. Even talking on phone. Right aid went bad while I was in kitchen (both times) while just talking with family and there was nothing in area to interfere with bluetooth connection.

Anyone else have a Phonak Paradise Naida 90 that works great most of the time then all of a sudden goes haywire, no longer providing good sound volume nor decent speech clarity? Frustrating thing is my left side Paradise Naida 90 still works great and shows no sign of sound distortion. Also thought maybe one microphone went bad while the other kept working, but that should of been check and repaired (if needed) during first trip to Phonak repair.


Have you replaced your wax guard? Sometimes sweat can accumulate and it is difficult to see as it is colorless. If that does not fix it then a new receiver may be required. This has been my experience when sudden drop in volume and distortion occurs.

I am assuming that this is an OTE aid since it’s up. Correct? Did you swap the ear hooks which unscrew and see if the problem switches to the other aid. What did phonak say the original problem was. Assuming ite aid could the tubing be blocked. I don’t for a minute accept the Bluetooth explanation

Phonak Naida P90 doesn’t come with wax guard. Aid really only works with full custom shell with the receiver in HA body. So no need for wax guard. Hopefully when aid comes back from shop receivers have been replaced, though its not a good sign if a receiver only last 6 months before going bad.

Does the ear hook have the little white ball looking thing in it? If it does they are known to get wet and dirty which affects sound you hear.

Most people just remove them. If you do remove the white ball thing tell your fitter, it does affect programming a little.


Yep - Its a full body behind the ear aid. Been on market now 7 months. I’m not sure how you switch ear hooks and would rather let a specialist do that. First time aid went in for repairs Phonak claimed they replaced most parts but didn’t specify which ones. Tubing is crystal clear and I’m feeling more and more this is an internal problem or possible bad receiver.

What’s somewhat frustrating is when the aid works, it works well. Autosense seems to provide comfortable incoming sound and I have zero feedback issues. I’ve not used new aids with Bluetooth to know if overall hearing level can be reduced if Bluetooth setting is off or somehow not communicating with other HA. My feelings are once I pare aids together I should not have to to be concerned/worried if Bluetooth communication between aids comes or goes or some how gets disconnected. If that happens (a lot) then I assume something is wrong with my aid. On the other hand since I don’t use Bluetooth much (or stream) maybe I’m being stubborn and will be forced to recheck Bluetooth connection if aids act up in future.

The hooks easily unscrew turning them counter clockwise but if you can get in to see your audiologist that would be the best way to go. Also does the app show volume is the same for both aids

Audi has already looked at aids and hooks are not the problem. Aids get dried every night with drier. Being that the right aid is the “Bluetooth connected aid” or dominate aid I assume it works a little harder than the left aid. Or shall I say just starts the ball rolling as far as aid interface. Just very puzzling to have aid working fine for several months then drop in volume level and sound clarity. Then when received back from Phonak repair aid worked fine for one week, then did the same things all over again. Oh well patience they say is a virtue. Especially for those with a hearing loss.

Up to a point and depending on how badly you need the aids to function. Hopefully you have been provided with a temporary replacement

You didn’t post your audiogram. I have the P70-UP aids and no issues with them. Putting aids in dryer is not going to remove the moisture in receiver because the earmold is still attached. I unscrew the ear hooks counter clockwise and put the aids in dryer. When was the last time you had a hearing test? A few months ago, l had a sudden left ear hearing loss and went to see an ENT. I couldn’t barely hear anything with left ear. Had a brain MRI and found no tumors. No clue why it happened. About a month later, my left ear hearing came back. I had a hearing test and lost about 5dB in low freq and 10 dB in middle freq. You should have another hearing test with the audiologist. I removed the white damper in earhook to get more gain and the damper can be full of moisture.

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Good idea. I’m not going to unscrew the hooks as such but I’m going to take off my ear mould from the hook from now on. Hopefully it’ll help.

It’s easier to unscrew the ear hook because one time l tried to remove the earmold tubing from the earhook and broke the end of the earhook.

The thread on the ear hook will eventually go and not hold correctly and cause feedback.

I’ve worn Aids for 35 years and have never broken an ear hook but I have had to buy new ones because the thread eventually goes.

EDIT - maybe you broke a ear hook because your tubing needed to be changed? I find the older the tubing, the harder it is to take off the ear hook, because of this, I change my tubing every month.

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The big question is what is phonak going to do to resolve the problem This is not a person with a mild loss. This person needs these aids to work. Phonak had a shot and didn’t fix them. These are not old aids. It’s time for all the guess work to end and the aids to be replaced. By hook or by crook.

What do you do when a battery dies. That battery door is pretty flimsy. But we’re getting a bit off topic here. Sorry

It was new tubing and new earmolds. Yes l have to be careful unscrewing the ear hook. I do this twice a week.
I don’t wear my aids when it’s raining. Often l have to take off the aids for a hour or so every day to get my ear canals dry. It’s the sweat during hot days. I change the tubing twice a year. I can do it more often but l need to order the special pliers the audiologist use for tubing.

I’ve never used anything special for changing my tubing apart from scissors, in 35 years of changing tubing.

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This is what l ordered today. It makes it easier to put tubing in earhook.


Oh interesting. I’m going to see if I can get one. Thanks.

EDIT - I just showed my friend. He says he uses jewellery pilers but uses them the opposite way. Cost him £2.

I just shove the tubing on there but I guess I could see how maybe that could make it easier

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