Phonak MyPilot Settings

I recently purchased a pair of Phonak Audeo Yes IX which so far I’m very pleased with. However, I recently went back to my audiologist for some “tweaking” and I asked about the additional settings for MyPilot. The one I received only would show the Automatic Mode. The audiologist said I didn’t need the other settings because the Yes IX learned as you changed settings etc.

I’m a little confused… Aren’t the different modes there for a reason ie. so you don’t have to change numerous settings??

After a lengthy discussion she still refused to add the other modes.

Any comments on this audiologist’s insistence on just having the “Automatic” mode available??
Thanks in advance

It is common that the Audeo’s are left in Automatic, as they do work quite well in that mode, especially if you don’t have the remote.

If you have the MyPilot, then it is often good to have a few custom programs put in and also activate a few other features so that you can use the full wireless functions of the Yes IX’s better, such as picking up the right side microphone and sending over to the left ear when you are driving and listening to the passenger to your right side, etc.

Otherwise, the remote just becomes a volume control. Yes they will learn the volume settings, but I don’t think most people make the higher investment into the YES IX’s for these reasons only.