Phonak myPilot battery swollen

Hi Guys

Has anyone tried to replace the battery inside their Phonak myPilot remote controller unit? Mine which was bought in 2009 has bulged up and damaging the case although its still working. Phonak does not service it anymore. Its perfectly working and just needs the battery replaced!

where can i source the battery?

thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

Bet they rather service than have it catch fireโ€ฆ

Enough Lipo batteries catch fire after swelling up that keeping it inside the house is unwise. Until you can replace it put it in a metal box on the patio or some other such well considered safe place.

You should be able to source one from a specialty battery shop. The swollen battery is a very bad sign and means it is a potential fire risk so correct disposal is urgent. As long as the specifications are still readable the battery shop should be able to source a replacement.

Just a note for others - the new Phonak remote - PilotOne II runs on an easily replaceable alkaline battery. I guess they decided that a rechargable battery was not really needed for this sort of device. I have had mine for 2 years and am still on the original battery.

thanks all for the advice. Putting it outside my apartment :slight_smile: