Phonak MyLink Receiver neckloop versus Phonak Compilot II

Hello, I’m looking for a mic worn around my neck and wondered if anyone knows which of these you would recommend and why.

Appreciate any information. I wear Phonak Audio B90

The Mylink does not have a microphone, but can receive Roger series microphone streams.
The ComPilot II does have a microphone, which you use for telephoning. It is not one that is used for other people. So you would have to add an Phonak Microphone that steams to the ComPilot II.

Both need an extra gadget that functions as a microphone. My experience with Phonak microphones versus Phonak Roger Pen is such, that I don’t use the microphone at all.

You can also use the Roger series gadgets with the ComPilot II connecting them with a Roger X. It’s a small FM receiver that clicks into the bottom three holes. (Euro pin connector.)
My experience with the MyLink versus the RogerX is that the range of the Mylink seems to extend a few meters further. Actually, I haven’t figured out whether that is good or bad.*

If I had to buy all gadgets over again, I would be faced with the choice between HA-coupled2-Mylink-coupled2-RogerPen-coupled2-MobilePhone and HA-coupled2-ComPilot2-coupled2-(RogerX-coupled2-RogerPen)or(MobilePhone)or(Phonak MicroPhone).

If you need a microphone buy a Roger Pen. Either new or second hand. The price new is startlingly high, but second hand it should be affordable. I’ve bought a new Mylink and RogerPen and a secondhand RogerX and RogerEasyPen. All work as they should. The new RogerPen has a serious hick up after flying to London for a weekend: Didn’t function anymore. Don’t know whether it was the airport scanners. I couldn’t reset it, so I had to let the battery drain and left it for a week after that I was able to recharge and it worked as always.

I would also buy a ComPilot2 and RogerX, instead of the MyLink. Because that is what I use, while I have all gadgets available. I find the RogerPen rather challenging to use even after 4 years and the ComPilot2 always does as it should.

All these gadgets are very expensive and some are starting to be obsolete. So you will find a lot of people moving to Phonak Marvel, that are not in need of RogerX and ComPilots anymore. **

*When I go to the kitchen or toilet when there is company in the living, it is rather nice that the RogerX quits: A reprieve from the sound input. However, as my in-laws point out, they would love to hear what people are saying when they’re out of the room. My experience with the MyLink is that it isn’t that interesting.
**Make sure not to but ComPilot version 1.1, because that is not 2. (Lots of ComPilot 1.1’s are read as ComPilotII and offered as ComPilot 2.)

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