Phonak myCall-to-Text App

Phonak has just released the myCall-to-Text App for both iPhone and Android. The app enables real-time text transcription of calls. It is free when used between callers who each have the app.

New users get one hour of free use monthly for outbound calls to those not using the app (first three months only), and there are subscription plans for frequent users or to enable transcription of inbound calls from those not using the app.

While the App was introduced in association with launch of Phonak Marvel, it works for everyone (with or without hearing aids; Phonak users or those with other brands). It also is available in multiple languages.

I’ve downloaded but haven’t yet tried it out. Looks interesting, though, and helpful for some folks for sure.


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Very interesting. I’m curious to how Phonak’s app performs with speed and accuracy.

If you’re in the US and require cellphone captions, then I recommend checking out InnoCaption. Fast and accurate. Free for those with hearing loss.

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I tried it. It isn’t entirely accurate when transcribing what the person on the other end says but some of it is correct, so it’s a work in progress and definitely has potential.

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