Phonak mold "customized large vent"?

Just got back from audi’s office, wherein she took impressions for Phonak cShell molds. She said they would have “customized large vents.” I forgot to ask her what that meant, so I’m asking you folks. Specifically, what does “customized” mean here? (Several years ago I had cShells with “Select-a-Vent” which can be customized with inserts.)

Well it just means that she has chosen a large vent size, with your loss and wanting to keep some of those lower frequencies, something like 1.6mm and upward I would guess.
What size did you end up using on last time.

Here’s what they pick from I believe.

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What they pick from is somewhat different from your list.

AOV (Audiogram required)
Pressure Vent
2.0mm SAV
2.5mm SAV
3.0mm SAV
Customized Large Vent
Cavity Vent
No Vent

“Customized Large Vent” doesn’t say “SAV” (Select-a-Vent), so I’m wondering what the “customized” aspect is. There’s no place on the order form to specify a diameter/size for it.

Last time I had a 2.0 mm SAV, no inserts.

Yeah I get what you’re saying, P30 could be 3mm P20 2mm, let’s ask one of the pro’s, someone would know.


Phonak don’t do select a vent anymore in the UK, but it might be different elsewhere. Generally professionals might say customised when they are going to use AOV which stands for acoustically optimised venting. An appropriate sized vent range for the mould is calculated from the audiogram and the designers use this for the build. It gives them freedom to fit an appropriate vent optimally - altering the shape style, length and diameter

But here she explicitly advised against AOV for me. (“Customized Large Vent” is on the order form, not only something she said in conversation.)

I believe that option is essentially “open vent” but with a nod to the fact that custom tips are seldom really open the way an open dome is open. So they are trying to maximize the venting given the limits of the ear impression. But honestly, it’s on a different order form than we use and I’m not familiar with it.

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Ah, so it could mean customized to the ear canal shape; makes sense.

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My Audi sent the audiograms together with impressions to Phonak and they used their software to customise the vent sizing for each ear.

Acoustically Optimized Vent (AOV) requires an audiogram; Customized Large Vent doesn’t. Per the previous couple of replies above yours, I think the latter means vents as large as feasible given the size of the molds, which in turn is a result of the ear canal impressions provided by the Audi.