Phonak microSavia Art 100 dSZ and KeyPilot2

I have Phonak microSavia Art 100dSZ hearing aids, which I bought about a decade ago. I now need to purchase a KeyPilot2 to control volume. Does the KeyPilot2 have to be “paired” to the hearing aids? I read in another column that the KeyPilot2 does not need to be paired as the SoundPilot does. It makes a big difference, as there is a substantial charge for pairing where I live.

@Zebras might be able to answer that question.
I will take a look on Phonak iPFG and see if it says one or the other. I had those aids at one time. Sold them years ago.

When the KeyPilot2 is selected nothing happens.
When the SoundPilot2 is selected the activate code selection came up.
I am not sure you are correct about not needing the KeyPilot2 entered into the software and the SoundPilot2 does.

Thank you! This helps me decide whether or to purchase this item or look into a newer set of hearing aids.

I’m pretty sure you need to select the KeyPilot within the software with your hearing aids connected and then it’ll work. You don’t need to actually connect the KeyPilot to the software tho.

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