Phonak Marvels and Bluetooth... what would you do?


Hey Bob, my experience exactly. The Compilot 2 just works and I know it connects to at least 3 devices at one time. I have it connected to my office phone, cell phone, and streaming from a tablet. I get a call to either phone, the streaming pauses while I take the call.

I bought a lapel Mic and plugged it into the Compilot 2. I keep the Compilot 2 under my shirt with just the tip of the lapel Mic showing.

I don’t think they will let the Compilot 2 work on the Marvel, but if they did, they would have the best solution out there.

The Roger Pen can do Bluetooth phone and it connects to 2 devices at one time, and pairs to 7 or 8, so that is an improvement. Roger Pen connection to Marvel should be available 3Q-4Q 2019.

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Hi thanks there are some really interesting responses here.

Picking out a few things I’d like to clarify, the tv connector unless I’ve misunderstood streams audio from laptop to your aids. But where would the mic be for your voice to go back to the recipient? Would I have to buy a standalone mic or something as well?
At the moment I just use a headset with mic attached. Using the laptop built in mic won’t be an option due to the sound quality for the recipient.

The future roger pen option post firmware update… are my expectations (as far as we know now) correct in that the pen will connect to multiple devices (phone and laptop) and stream from there plus take in audio input to send back through the laptop mic? Just trying to visualise the setup .

Thanks appreciate the guidance :slight_smile:



Of course! I didn’t think about your actually owning the stock! And me an active trader too.



Hi Acton,
Overall I’ve been quite pleased with the Marvels. I’m retired and don’t have a need to be connected with more than just my phone and my laptop at the same time. To be able to do that the TV Connector attached to my computer works perfectly.

I’m a fairly accomplished classical pianist and I can once again hear the top octave of my piano! Streaming music to my Marvels from my Primephonic subscription any time and anywhere in superb quality is truly amazing!

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my suggestion is this
Connect only to your Phone but use



I neglected to comment on fan noise and sound direction. Clicking on my avatar, you can see my hearing loss. Kate and I both got our Marvel M90-R’s on the same day and we both were amazed to hear the air conditioner fan noise being so loud. After a few weeks the noise receded to the background and neither of us notice it anymore.

As for direction of sound, we both have open domes and have never had a problem with where sound is coming from. I would imagine this could be more of a problem with closed domes or molds.



I’ve had the Marvels for several months now. I also came from a pair of Starkey’s. I would say that before I really had a chance to get used to the Marvels, I thought a lot about how to pair these to other devices. I became used to the idea of needing to directly connect to devices or stream in order to hear correctly. I will tell you that the sound of the Marvels is incredible. Sometimes I catch myself looking around in amazement at sounds, like a person seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. I priced the TV connector and learned all I could about the Rodger devices, fully anticipating that I would need to purchase these in addition to the hearing aids themselves. I would tell you to use the hearing aids on their own for a while and I think you will find that they allow you to hear more like everyone does and that you will not necessarily need sound pumped directly to your hearing aids as much as you initially thought. The nice thing is however, if you do or want to have sound pumped directly to your Marvels there are a lot of options! the TV connector, Rodger devices, and I was told by a Phonak rep that they are currently testing a version of the firmware that will allow you to connect to 2 devices at that same time, so that may also be an option in the future. If your audiologist is up to speed with the Marvels and knows how to program them correctly, I would really recommend them.



I want actually give a little bit more information to Airfoil because i not think that anybody truly has look at this thing.
However what you can do is that you install airfoil on windwos or your Mac and use that as one server to your sattelite apps which of coarse can be android or IOS so at that point you only needed to connect to your Phone and Arfoil server will stream what ever you like to your phone so there is only one connection needed to your Marvel and you can get multiple sources because you can use also the server as one intermediate device to pick up things from other sources.
On the sattelite app you can than control volume bass treble etc.



I like Airfoil, the only issue is the delay, and it’s significant, about 1.5 to 2 seconds. The delay is not an issue if all you’re doing is listening to audio, but if you’re watch any sort of video Airfoil will not work. The truth is that if all I want to do is listen to audio, I’ll just directly use my iPhone. Because of this I haven’t really found any practical use for Airfoil on my computer.



I just noticed this thread. I’m in a similar situation to you. I have an iphone, an android phone and a laptop. I use skype with my laptop for hours every day. I tried Marvels and could not put up with the bluetooth limitations, so I returned them and got Opns. Opns support mfi, so they connect to the iphone directly and they can be concurrently paired with a laptop or android phone (but not connected at the same time) using the connectclip. They also have a tv interface that connects similarly to mfi (using ble). The connectclip can be paired with multiple devices and it does not have to be re-paired to switch from one device to another. It’s a minor inconvenience compared to the single pairing limitation. In addition to the single pairing limitation, I also found that the Marvels frequently disconnected, resulting in me dropping out of skype calls. Since I use skype for business, the frequent disconnections were intolerable. I am very happy with my Opns.