Phonak Marvel Replacement Protective Red & Blue windows!

Hi everyone.

I have just purchased a second-hand set of Phonak Marvel 50R hearing aids that I will only use for working out. But on the underside where you see the serial numbers the protective plastic window is missing.

Does anyone know where I can get replacements from?


This place has agreed to order all sorts of equipment for my Phonak Aids even tho I didn’t buy from them.

It’s owned by Paul Minikin.

When I say didn’t buy from them, I meant hearing aids.

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this red sits in that spot. Nothing is missing, just not put it well. It’s also on my hearing aids because I failed to put it well

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Hi I wondered if anyone has managed to source the little red and blue windows for P90-R hearing aids? Thanks in advance.

You could ask your audiologist if they have an extra set since when I got mine they came with a red and blue marker with each aid.

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Why not just use a blue and red marking pen

Look at the first post.

Rechargeable HAs are different.

Having no red / blue windows means holes in the hearing aid casing!

@hass5744 I believe it also adds a bit of protection to the internal working of the aids, I could be wrong though?

@Mermaid88 Thanks, have tried that with no joy.

Have also asked HAB hearing but the are also unable to provide.

@Zebras Thanks, I tried HAB but no joy!