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Ok, I just purchased a pair of Phonak Audeo Marvel and so far, LOVE em’. According to my audiologist these can be paired to any bluetooth device which is cool. They would not pair with my laptop until removed from my iphone. The same thing happened when I sent it back to my phone. I had to remove the app and forget the hearing aids in BT settings and start from scratch. I’m happy that I can connect to different devices but it is quite the procedure to do it. Here is the question for anyone that can answer. Do you folks that have these HA’s have this same issue and is this normal for you? Do you have some tips that might help me and others? Thank you in advance.

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They will connect to only one device at a time.

There has been a big discussion of this and I think I understand the issues although I do not have those hearing aids. It seems they can pair to several devices and you will need to stop the Bluetooth connection on one device in order to connect to another device.

Keeping in mind the difference in pairing and connecting, I would suggest keeping Bluetooth turned off on all devices except the one you currently want to connect to.

It would not be necessary to unpair and repair every time.

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Hi Don and thank you. I understand that they can only connect ot one device at a time. The problem is that if they are paired to my phone and I wan to use my laptop, I turn off the BT on my phone and pair it with my laptop. Then when I finish and want to go back to the phone, I turn off the BT on the laptop and turn on the BT on my phone. The problem is that although I see them list, they will not pair and the Phonak Mobile app doesn’t recognize them either. So I have to delete everything and start over. Just frustrating.

In speaking with Phonak unfortunately the Marvel can only be paired with one device at a time, meaning if it’s paired with your phone you will have to unpair it and pair it with the device you want, vice-versa. Simply turning Bluetooth off on the device will not work. Although, it is an awesome instrument and one of a kind, that is one of it’s Bluetooth pitfalls.

Hope that helps!

I think at that point, when you see the device on the Bluetooth list, you would have to select that device to connect to it?

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Apparently there was some miscommunication within Phonak and it will pair to multiple devices. Then the issue is stopping connection on one and starting connection on the other.

Here is a link to another thread that confirms that.


I’m afraid it is normal for many of us who actually have Marvel HA and are trying to switch between Apple devices. The 600 post thread discusses it.

You can call Phonak BT yourself if you wish.


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Thanks Warneral. It is what it is.


I just purchased Marvel 90’s 312 and unfortunately experienced the same issues with having to forget the connection before connecting to a different device.

Now, I have also noticed that my iPhone X shows 2 right phonak hearing aid connections and 1 left phonak hearing aid connection in the bluetooth section and when I try to get Right and Left connected at the same time it only connects ONE of them. I never see Right and Left as connected even though the Phonak Remote App shows that both are connected. (Music seems to be streaming to both ears, stereo or ?)

On my MacBook Air, I can only connect the right one, same thing happens with my iPad Air. Thing is, I can hear music streaming on both ears even though it does not show both hearing aids as connected.

Is this how it is supposed to be or do you think there may be an issue with one of the hearing aids or both?

Thank you

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Probably. But you can easily test it by listening to mid-60’s stereo music. Or just about anything Pink Floyd :slight_smile: If you can hear distinct sounds in each ear that isn’t in the other then that’s stereo. If it just seems to be sounding like in the middle of your head then that’s likely mono copied to both sides or very close stereo.

I just read on a different thread that it is the way it is supposed to work by just connecting to the Right hearing aid which then sends it to the left one.

Thank you z1Ouser2 for the tip anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The audi can configure which side should be the connected one (left or right).

Re. your other questions:

Why does my phone first shows “Hands-free” and then the name of the hearing aid when connecting to my mobile phone?

This is a normal process for Bluetooth connectivity when pairing the Phonak Marvel hearing aids the first time.

  • You may see cryptic numbers first in the form xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (see picture 1).
    This is the Bluetooth address
  • Also, you may see 3 devices instead of one as Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth LE are shown as different devices
    • You see there are 2 different Symbols
    • The one with the handset is the classic Bluetooth you need to connect for phone calls

After some seconds, you see the name of the Phonak Marvel hearing aid (see picture 2).

Bluetooth scanning Audéo B-Direct with Bluetooth address\ 168x300

Picture 1 \ 168x300

Picture 2

Rob, yes that’s how they connect. I know it’s strange to see 2 rights and 1 left. This is Phonak’s way. Just connect one Right side and that side connects with the left on its own. Actually this works better than the Resounds that try to connect to both ears. I still have not figured a good way to switch devices and there may not be one.

Thank you all for the great explanations!


Is it possible to program the buttons on the Marvel 312 to turn the HA ON/OFF instead of having to open/close the battery compartment door? This at least would help a bit in the process of switching devices in order to pair/unpair, connect, etc.


Will the Roger mike/pen help by allowing more connections?

If multi devices can be connected simultaneously, as with the current Brio 3s which I am trialing until my Marvel fitting, how do you avoid clipping every time the dormant devices get an email etc.? Drives me nuts. I had a phone call interrupted by an email.

Hopefully any fix will be able to be retroactively implimented.

Is there a Marvel compatible Roger device available now? Price?

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I wonder if Phonak should come out with a “free” lifetime replacement warranty for battery compartment door? With my current old aids I open every 8, 9 days insert a new battery and close permanently. Then 8, 9 days later repeat. God I can’t imaging having to open a battery compartment door 8, 9 times a day to turn on and off to pair/unpair. HA battery doors are not made to be opened and closed that often and eventually you run the risk of bending or breaking the plastic hinge or door. And worse yet (if you have a RIC) I’m assuming you have to take your HA out of our ear to shut off then turn back on. If that is the case, taking HA in out repeatedly during the day is going to to cause all kinds of issues from forcing wax into one’s ear canal to possibly dropping HA due to back and forth handling. Hope I’m wrong here since I think the Marvel could be a very good HA but no one wants to turn a HA on and off or remove from their ears several times a day.


I flip open the battery door with it in my ear, but my fingers are still nimble. Takes me less than a minute to re-pair to something else.

I can’t imagine you being charged more than $20 for a battery door replacement out of warranty.

With my Marvel Rechargeable you can turn your HA ON/OFF with a long button press. I’m sure it would be the same with the battery version of the Marvel. Anyone know for sure?

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I am trialing the M90-312 right now, and I have to open the battery doors to turn the hearing aids on and off. A long press on the button just gives me a program change tone. I don’t know if a long press for on/off has to be programmed by the provider or not, but it’s no big deal to me to open and close the battery doors. I returned the Marvel rechargables, They were too wide in shape, and that caused an uncomfortable fit behind the ears, especially when wearing glasses.

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I asked my audiologist about pricing for the Roger mic awhile ago. He didn’t know yet, as Phonak has not released this info. But when I asked him if he could tell me if it would be more than $500–he said I should expect it to be way more than that. Ugh. That’s ridiculous. Then I met with a Phonak rep who didn’t have any info to share either. Apparently, Phonak is keeping the pricing and release date info close to the vest for now.