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Ok, I just purchased a pair of Phonak Audeo Marvel and so far, LOVE em’. According to my audiologist these can be paired to any bluetooth device which is cool. They would not pair with my laptop until removed from my iphone. The same thing happened when I sent it back to my phone. I had to remove the app and forget the hearing aids in BT settings and start from scratch. I’m happy that I can connect to different devices but it is quite the procedure to do it. Here is the question for anyone that can answer. Do you folks that have these HA’s have this same issue and is this normal for you? Do you have some tips that might help me and others? Thank you in advance.


They will connect to only one device at a time.

There has been a big discussion of this and I think I understand the issues although I do not have those hearing aids. It seems they can pair to several devices and you will need to stop the Bluetooth connection on one device in order to connect to another device.

Keeping in mind the difference in pairing and connecting, I would suggest keeping Bluetooth turned off on all devices except the one you currently want to connect to.

It would not be necessary to unpair and repair every time.


Hi Don and thank you. I understand that they can only connect ot one device at a time. The problem is that if they are paired to my phone and I wan to use my laptop, I turn off the BT on my phone and pair it with my laptop. Then when I finish and want to go back to the phone, I turn off the BT on the laptop and turn on the BT on my phone. The problem is that although I see them list, they will not pair and the Phonak Mobile app doesn’t recognize them either. So I have to delete everything and start over. Just frustrating.


In speaking with Phonak unfortunately the Marvel can only be paired with one device at a time, meaning if it’s paired with your phone you will have to unpair it and pair it with the device you want, vice-versa. Simply turning Bluetooth off on the device will not work. Although, it is an awesome instrument and one of a kind, that is one of it’s Bluetooth pitfalls.

Hope that helps!


I think at that point, when you see the device on the Bluetooth list, you would have to select that device to connect to it?


Apparently there was some miscommunication within Phonak and it will pair to multiple devices. Then the issue is stopping connection on one and starting connection on the other.

Here is a link to another thread that confirms that.


I’m afraid it is normal for many of us who actually have Marvel HA and are trying to switch between Apple devices. The 600 post thread discusses it.

You can call Phonak BT yourself if you wish.



Thanks Warneral. It is what it is.