Phonak Marvel 30 Voice issues during Bluetooth Call

The Bluetooth in Phonak Marvel M30 works excellent, but I find during calls…most are complaining that they are unable to hear my voice.
Is there any technique to improve this. Please suggest.

I do my own programming with Noahlink, and prefer to use NAL-NL2 which works find with my loss. But still not able to improve the voice during calls.WIll appreciate for your suggestions

You may want to move this question to the DIY area for better help.

Do the feedback and real ear test.
Shorten the receiver.

That’s about all you can do. You need to remember the microphone is behind your ear and so it may pick up noise!

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“Shorten the receiver” - We discovered, before I walked out the door (after couple of tests) it needed to be shortened on the first generation BT HA that came out the year before the Marvel series.

By shortening the receiver wire it would physically move the aid to a better position on the ear to pick up the persons voice, interesting, thanks.

@bigaltavista Would this also improve hearing aid directionality in day to day operation? Thanks

I’m confused. I’m having trouble visualizing how shortening the receiver would help people whom the OP is calling hear the OP’s voice better. Can you expand on this, please?

Please tell me how to shorten the wire

Jumping in here.
Try buying the next size shorter receiver. If you wear the 2XS receivers, try the 1XS receivers.
It would move the aids up higher on the ears.

I just bought myself a set of new receivers that are one size shorter to try this idea out.

Set the bluetooth default ear to whichever one has the better feedback measure.

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Does this also mean the OP could tighten up or improve their acoustics to improve this voice issue?

Possibly, yes.

I’ve gotten some conflicting reports on this, but at least some of the people at phonak seem to believe that the call output is being limited by the feedback measure. That would mean that for anyone with more severe loss, out going call quality is going to be pretty bad.

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Thanks, I did a google search about feedback pressure, didn’t understand that. Reminded me of past posts recommending the feedback manager be run for these phone call issues. I can see feedback manager effects in the outgoing voice.
Anyway, your response made since.
Thanks again

iPhone newbie here. Just today I paired my M90s with my new iPhone 11, which replaced a laughably old flip-phone. (Ok, boomer). :slight_smile:

My wife had the same complaint about hearing my voice when going “hands free” with the Marvels. We found that if I held the phone as if I were talking into it normally, and angled it slightly out from my ear, the phone helped direct my voice toward my aid, and improved the sound significantly.

Give it a try and I hope this helps!

The underlying issue here is that the Phonak system uses the hearing aid mics to transmit the hearing aid user’s voice. The iPhone system is to use the iPhone mic in non speaker phone mode. This means you have to hold the phone up to your mouth when speaking. It would be nice if both systems were to allow you to put the phone in speaker phone mode and allow you to use the phone speaker, but away from your mouth.

Recently I changed the settings, now using DSL-V5 for adults in prescription, and in Bluetooth settings i am using Adaptive bandwidth.The voice during call seems to have improved.I have recorded my calls to check the my voice which the callers hears, it seems to be a bit better. few more days usage of calls will clear the doubts…let’s see

Please give more suggestions…will try your suggestions of using shorter wire.

Using my Phonak Marvel M90-R’s and my Android Pixel phone I can go completely hands free and talk while working on my computer with both hands or even from another room from where my phone is. My Android phone is using only the microphones and speakers from my Marvels allowing my hands to be free.

Can the iPhone really only use the iPhone microphone in the phone itself and not allow the use of the microphones in the Marvel HA’s for hands free operation?

Using my Phonak Marvel M90-R’s and my iPhone X I can go completely hands free. I usually just press the button on the hearing aid to listen if the phone is in my hand bag or if I have the phone in my hand it automatically goes to my hearing aids - I just need to select ‘accept’ when a call is coming in. I don’t need to hold the phone to my ear. It is very clear. I know that some on the other end of the phone have found it echoey talking to me but most don’t seem to have any issues.

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Possibly. The hearing aids are supposed to sit at a certain point on the ear.

Unfortunately a lot of audis are in the habit of assuming everyone is a size 2 receiver, which means the directional angle of microphone pickup may actually be pointing upwards. So yes, a shortened receiver may improve location of the microphones which will improve directionality.


The microphones that pickup the hearing aid user’s voice are located on the hearing aid body which sits behind the ear.

Shortening the receiver wire can help bring those microphones forward so that they are closer to the mouth of the hearing aid wearer.

After reading your post I bought a set of one size shorter receivers to give this theory a try. They should be here any day.