Phonak Lumity Audeo L90 Microsoft Teams Sound Quality

I have been fitted out with a new pair of Phonak Lumity Audio L90’s along with a Roger on and Table Mic for conference room. Early days with the sound quality of the aids themselves using Autosense 5.0 but when connected via bluetooth to the company laptop and using Microsoft Teams, the sound quality is awful. Watching YouTube videos or news etc is fine so it must be a Microsoft issue, anyway around the problem?


I use my Lumity L90’s on 5+ Teams calls a day. Sounds is great. Update your laptop sound drivers.



OK I will give that a try, may not have admin rights so I will probably have to get the IT team take a look.
Out of interest did you have to make any other adjustments with the audiologist?

I use Teams daily, streaming to my Phonak Naida L90-UPs and the sound quality is generally very good for me. This is more likely an issue with your laptop but I do know Teams has been improving their background noise suppression and I wonder if that might be having some kind of impact. Just in case maybe check out their docs at Reduce background noise in Microsoft Teams meetings - Microsoft Support.


Ok, 2nd day of wearing my new aids and using the Roger On.

Roger On is a superb bit of kit and really helped in a meeting today with 7 people in attendance, it even pick up the sound pretty well from the squawk box with 3 people dialling in.

However following on from the first comments above it seems the sound is too low a tone or too much bass and not enough treble or high frequency etc. Getting this across both the hearing aids and when using the Roger On as a streaming device as well. Not sure how to describe this best but does anyone know what would need to be adjusted to bring in higher tones etc in the Target software when I next meet my Audiologist this Thursday. Just want to make sure I explain as best I can the sound I’m hearing.

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I have the earlier HA’s. Paradise P90R’s.
I use the APP. myPhonak.
If you’re interrested and you hearing aids are paired with the APP…
Adjust programMine just brought up:
…Adjust Calm Situation (Automatic)
There are three buttons (Default Comfort Clarity)
…Adjust Clarity

Check equalizer presets near top of screen…
Bass Middle Treble

Middle…UP one notch
Treble…UP two notches

So you can adjust mid and treble (high) using the APP.

You can save that using the APP.
You can also select the programs in you hearing aids.

Mine are
Speech in loud noise
Speech in car

These were put in place by the person who setup my hearing aids (not the dispensing audi who had real troubles.)


Thanks Dave, I will give that a try! (I learnt today how to save a program)

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I had an ah ha moment when someone here discussed the sleep banana.

Until then I felt like I was constantly playing Wheel of Fortune

Except when someone talked all the letters on the board were blank

I learned long ago to turn the music up to hear it well. Speech banana shows the frequencies we can’t hear. For me it’s consonants That’s oversimplified

I thought that the hearing aids would select the programs I need.
Speech in loud noise. I can select it myself. I need to sometimes

Ha ha yeah, your not the only one, I’m not sure… but maybe my wife knows more then me.

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I love this description Dave. This was exactly me until recently :slight_smile:


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Thanks Peter.

I take comfort when I hear that the Lumity Audeo users have better sound quality in noisy backgrounds.

I’m grateful that my hearing aid setup is getting better. However, family is still very critical.

I cannot get new hearing aids from Workman’s Comp for at least 3-1/2 years Lots may happen in that time.

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Day 3 of wearing Phonak Audeo Lumity L90.

General wearing of the aids gives clearer speech but tone is low, which I will need the Audi to address tomorrow.

Used the Roger On for a noisy restaurant meal tonight for a group of 5 people in table mode, it was terrible. Simply just picking up all the other tables etc and the pointer function was no better, tried adjusting the surround / external microphone / volume in the MyPhonak App but it made little difference. I was so looking forward to seeing if this would finally solve my restaurant meals with groups of people, but sadly not. Hoping the Audi will have some ideas or I could try a Roger Select??

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turn down the hearing aids so you are mostly using the Roger On mics, not both Roger and your aids. That helps. Also put it in table mode (flat on table). You can then use the separate Roger app to decide what direction to use the mics on the table mic ( it looks like a circle and you decide where in the circle has an active mic(s).


Having got both a RogerOn and a RogerSelect, I find very little difference between them. As said, reducing the ambient sound, of the aids, helps too. The effectiveness of the Roger mics varies. The base programming of the aids has made the biggest difference to me. I rarely take the Roger out with me now.


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Hello Jordan,
Do you find you have to turn the bluetooth off on the aids to allow the Roger On to work with the laptop without the phone interfering?

I actually don’t own a Roger so not sure about that question. Maybe someone else can chime in with an answer.


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