Phonak KeyPilot2 Battery Change

The KeyPilot2 instructions state that the battery can be replaced by sending it to a Phonak service center.

Anyone tried doing it themselves, or know if I could change it myself when the time comes?

A very late reply but I just changed the battery in mine.

You need to remove the outer cover - this is visually described in Phonak’s consumer instructions and involves leveraging the right side of the opened control with the thumb of your right hand. I found it hard until suddenly it came free - so persist.

The inner part containing the electronics is then free to access. Right at the bottom there is a small rectangular hole. I inserted a (very) small screwdriver blade from an i-fixit tool kit just a few mm and levered it upwards - the case popped open enough for me to open it properly with my thumbnail. There are retaining clips at the front end, by the buttons, so don’t force that end or you may break them.

The battery is a standard CR2032 lithium flat cell. Just replace it and reassemble - it clicks closed - and you are good to go for more years than your old HAs will ever last!

I hope this helps someone - there was nothing on the net I could find so that’s why I have followed up 10 years after the original enquiry.

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Thank you for your post in 2020. I had to change a battery in one of these devices today & your explanation got it done!

Thanks very much.