Phonak iPhone YouTube sound interruption

Looking for help or suggestions on iphone settings to prevent YouTube playback disruptions. I have a pair of phonak hearing aids connected to my iphone updated to ios 16.4.1.

When I’m watching a YouTube video and I get a notification from any other app, the video will automatically pause. This happens with the focus setting turned on and I have sound notifications turned off for every app. And phone is set to silent mode.

When I disconnect my Bluetooth to stop streaming to my hearing aids, YouTube videos no longer get interrupted by other notifications.

What I think is happening:
YouTube has a feature that stops playing videos when headphones are disconnected. And when I get a notification on another app, my sound connection jumps to the app recieving the notification despite everything being muted. This activates YouTube’s feature to pause a video when headphones disconnect.

I can’t find settings in the YouTube app to shut this off either.

EDIT: Discovered the issue was my HAs connecting to a tablet that didn’t have notification sounds disabled. Leaving this thread up in case someone else runs into the same issue.

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Second device connected and making noise is sneaky. “You weren’t connected before, how did you decide you needed to be connected?” I have made many things “Forget this device” to keep these interruptions.