Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



Right. End of November. My AuD and the others at the clinic are headed to Phonak over the weekend for Marvel training. But what exactly does end of November mean? Second half? Last week? Nov. 30th? And you know that there are many already produced so maybe someone at your clinic knows someone and can get his hands one right away?


It means December deliveries and a few week wait for ITE if it’s anything like the OPn/Siya ITE launch.


Patience has never been my strong suit.


I have opn currently, came from phonak. Will be going back (for reasons other than likeable). Both mfgs suit my listening desires


Dr Bailey and anyone else with knowledge about the Marvels:

Do you have any insight into how the Marvels will perform in background noise, or how they might compare to Opticon Opn or Resound Quattro in that regard? I tried an earlier version of Phonak and I didn’t find them too impressive when it came to hearing in background noise. I suppose the accessories will help, but I’m just wondering how they might handle speech in noise on their own. Thanks.


I’ve been trialing the Phonak Audeo B90 13 and I’m wondering now that I know about the Marvel, what to do. It’s important to me to have the telecoil feature but they say that will not come until next year, I read February. I wonder if I went ahead and bought the Audeo if I might be able to exchange it later when the Marvel comes out with the Telecoil. I’m a unique case here. I have a Med-El Cochlear Implant in one ear but I still have pretty good hearing in my other ear so I wear a hearing aid. I use a Roger Pen with my CI. I wonder if I would be able to stream simultaneously to both the Marvel aid and the CI at the same time.


Which version of Phonak did you trial? I wear Phonak V70 ITC hearing aids. They are exceptional in noise.

Also, did you have REM testing, and how experienced was your audiologist?


I find my Phonaks to be very impressive in Noise. They work amazingly well. I wear the Phonak Brio P-UP.


i tried the RIC Audeo V70 312s. My audiologist is very experienced, and, yes, I had REM. Everyone’s experience with hearing aids is different, and I’m glad that you have found your Phonak model to be exceptional in noise. However, I was asking for input about the new Phonak Marvel hearing aids specifically and if anyone knew about their performance in noise. Thanks.


The Marvel has only just been released so I think we are still waiting for reviews to come in. Have you tried the Oticon OPN? This works differently to Phonak.


It can be helpful to know how the current and previous generations work. The new one should be slightly better, faster processor, and the latest speech in noise.

I have the Phonak Brio 3 (Phonak Audeo B312t) and in a loud restaurant this morning with 7 at the table, I forgot I wear hearing aids.


Yes, I have tried Opn, and so far they are the best. Wondering how the Marvels will compare. Thanks.


It should, but you’ll have to wait until late 2019 for the Roger compatability.

Where I am, marvel pre-orders are opening at the end of this week with expected shipping Dec 2nd. Already looks like there will be some backordered waiting time, too. Only the Audeo M 312 and the Audeo MR are available at this point.

Seems like a nice device, sound quality is nice. Like any bluetooth device, can only be paired to one thing at a time, so if you want to hook up to more than your phone there will be a lot of unpairing-repairing to be done.


His CI won’t be able to to stream without a Roger receiver as it won’t be able to get the firmware update to allow Roger without a receiver.


Surely it will pair to several devices. Did you mean connect?


If it only connects to one phone at a time, that is a huge drawback. If it doesn’t work with the Com Pilot 2, and only connects to one device at a time, I’m out. It is not a “Marvel” for me.


I would blame the fitter sooner than the brand. Oticon, ReSound, and Phonak (the 3 brands you asked specifically about) should all be capable of achieving similar results on speech in noise performance, and all have decent wireless accessories for remote microphone listening, etc. By the way, next time you want to ping me just type the “@” symbol and then my first name and you’ll see my user account popup. As soon as you post your message, I’ll get pinged.


LOL!!! If Phonak’s timing is anything like Oticon’s with respect to their Android-compatible ConnectClip, “end of November” may mean 6 or even 12 mos from now. After all, does it say “End of November 2018” anywhere? Not to be facetious … but that’s what my experience is: promises! promises!

Now I wonder if I should postpone my app’t with my aud-guy for this coming Friday. I’d just waste his time if I’m going primarily to trial the Marvels.


Could you advise me as to what the BEST setting would be in noisy environments with my Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids? I’ve got a program dedicated to noisy places, but I’m wondering if there’s any add’l ZOOM factor I could ask about.

I still find a few (luckily very few!) places where the noise is such (or maybe the reverb factor in the surroundings) that ordinary speech is simply incomprehensible. It’s very strange - like I’m seeing lips move and sound coming out, but the speech makes no sense.


Thanks for that feedback, but I can’t blame the fitter. He knows what he’s doing. I guess it’s subjective.